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Ok so last year while searching for a new paranormal book (or series – I wasn’t going to be picky) to get into I stumbled across C.M. Owens book Blood’s Fury (Deadly Beauties #1) which was great as it turned out to be a free read (still is by the way!!). I think Amazon do this to get you hooked so you will buy the rest in the series. Doesn’t always work but in this case it did more than just that. By two chapters in I was already hooked and had to purchase the next two in the trilogy (think I may have gone mad if I had had to wait for them!). Didn’t stop there though as went on a bit of a book-buying binge and purchased everything else she had written up until that point. Lots of books to keep me entertained you might think. As some of them were trilogies though with only two, or sometimes one, out at the time of purchase I knew with them I would have to wait to start them or I might have gone a bit crazy waiting for the rest. I digress but can get that way when talking about a certain authors writing and C.M. Owens is definitely one of those authors I can get carried away with.

So anyway here is the book description for the first in the Deadly Beauties series:

Bloods FuryBlood’s Fury (Deadly Beauties #1)

The deadliest things in life are often the most beautiful… until they strike.

Alyssa Coldwell decides to put her destiny as an immortal witch to the side, so she can take the chance to live like a normal girl amongst regular humans before she too is part of the fey world. She wants a break from magic and all the dangerous drama that comes with it, but life doesn’t always let you do as you please.

Magic is supposed to be simple – you’re either light or dark. But Alyssa is brutally awakened when she learns that life isn’t always so simple. There are gray areas, and there is more to being light than simply saying you are.

But magic isn’t her only problem, humans have problems as well. When she meets Kane Ice, she finds herself in a situation she’s never been before. She’s been sheltered by her overly protective mother, so being with a guy hasn’t ever been an easy task. Kane makes it impossible not to try… while she can. Though she knows she’ll have to leave him once her body turns immortal, she can’t help but fall for him.

What’s the problem with a witch loving a human? So, so many things. Her world is too dangerous, and her attempt to take a break from it fails miserably when her mother is taken captive. With danger always around her, she knows Kane will never be safe. But it’s too hard to let him go.

Kane’s not so fragile though, and he refuses to lose the only girl he’s ever really cared for. Secrets are a part of Alyssa’s life, but she’s not the only one with a locked vault full of unspoken truths. When the secrets come out, Alyssa loses all her faith, her will, and her hope.

So you have the basic boy meets girl romance to deal with. Throw in the fact that the boy is a vampire who lives with other vampires and werewolves and the girl is a witch with the most powerful magical parents out there seems to make things that much more interesting. Especially as they seem to not know about the others hidden secrets. The chemistry between the two characters is undeniable electric – they can never seem to quite keep their hands off each other. Not that as a reader you will mind as those scenes are fun to read. Nothing and no-one is going to keep them apart, no matter what life throws at them. Right? (Crossing fingers the whole time you are reading hoping that you will be right). Well things never seem to go quite to plan now do they (but where would the fun be in that though!), the ending is where everything seems to come crashing down around both of them. You are left with your hearts breaking hoping that they will get through this. Knowing deep down that they were brought together for a reason and all will be revealed in the end. All I can say is that it was a very go thing that the next two books in the series were available to read straight away, as that’s what I did. Three books in one-day chain read, as I couldn’t get enough of them. This has to be one of my favourite paranormal series I’ve read. I keep going back to re-read them as a whole set or sometimes just skipping to get to my favourite parts of the books – there are quite a few scenes that you will want to re-read as they are that good. I have kind of a photographic memory so can pretty much remember the books story layout to skip to the bit I want to re-read.

The way C.M. Owens manages to capture the readers attention from the first chapter and keep you hooked through the development of the story as a whole is a testament to her as a writer. I won’t give too much more away as wouldn’t want you going in knowing too much. You may think you have an idea from the start where the story is going but just sit back and enjoy the ride because I’m sure you won’t see it coming. Lot’s of twists and turns with this one, include some danger, intrigue and some combustible chemistry between some great characters and you have yourselves an amazing journey to go on.

Book descriptions for next two installments:

Poisons KissPoison’s Kiss (Deadly Beauties #2)

Alyssa has spent her entire life naively believing things are only laid out in black or white, but now she finds herself stuck in the gray area. The inner battle she faces with her own dark power that she has denied for too long starts to brew all the more fiercely. Kane’s coldness breaks her heart even more than it’s already broken, but fate’s cruel sense of humor forces them to band together despite their torrid conflict.

The biggest problem… There are consequences she didn’t know she’d have to face after giving herself to Kane, and she finds herself in pain each and every time she’s near him. A pain that leaves her feeling like a puppet.

Hope rests on the shoulders of her enemies, and her allies pile up in all the wrong forms. When tragedy strikes, she’s faced with more dark choices to make. Everything gets twisted, and she becomes stuck in the middle of an internal game of tug-of-war. Gage is there, but he’s just as much her enemy as a night stalker. How can she trust any of them?
The world is fully of deadly beauties, and deception is their best played game. Alyssa keeps learning the hard way how true this is.

Red Moon SecretsRed Moon Secrets (Deadly Beauties #3)

Secrets are spilled, lies are revealed, and dark destinies emerge. She’s judged them all – now they’ll be the ones to judge her.

Alyssa is no longer seeing the gray area – she’s living in it. A destiny she never considered is consuming her. Everything ends, and it ends now – no matter what the outcome.

If you start with this one and want to go on to another great paranormal series from this author but with a bit of a different mix (having the ablility to possess the powers of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses maybe?) then you should check out The Daughter Trilogy (Daughter of Aphrodite, Daughter of Asteria and Daughter of Kaos).

Daughter of AphroditeDaughter of AsteriaDaughter of Kaos

If however the whole paranormal world isn’t for you but still want to check out something by this author then I would definitely recommend The Sterling Shores series. Now these are some hot stories that have some hot men attached to them. The complete series so far is: Hooked on the Game, Kade’s Game, Tagged & Ashed, The Sterling Boys, Loving War (my favourite of the series so far!!), Breaking Even (you will laugh so much with this one) and coming soon A Redo (yay can’t wait!!). These books can be read individually but best to read in the series order as they do make references to the other characters from the other books from time to time – which is good as its nice to catch up with them to see how they are getting on to. By the end of this series you are going to want to move to Sterling Shore though – that’s where all the hot men seem to be. The covers alone might be a good enough reason to check these ones out. Again you can test the waters first with these ones as the firsts in the series are free reads too!

Hooked on the GameKades gameTagged and AshedThe Sterling BoysLoving WarBreaking Even


Hope you do try out some of C.M. Owens books as they are some of my favourites and I hope that they become your favourites too. Enjoy  🙂


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