Book Blitz and Review Yesterday’s Secrets… Tomorrow’s Lies by Donnita Lachey

Title: Yesterday’s Secrets… Tomorrow’s Lies

Author: Donnita Lachey
  Release Date: May 25, 2015

Lauren Reynolds is a woman who knows what she wants…or at least she did, until she met Justin Wilder…

With small town Texas in her rear view mirror, Lauren’s course included a partnership in the Bostonian law firm, Anderson & Anderson, as well as a marriage with her law professor, Aaron, also a partner in the firm. Slated for the soon to be abdicated principal partner, Mason Anderson’s, chair. Lauren appears to have it all; until she meets Justin Wilder.

Justin, tantalizingly wealthy, sexy, connected and her ardent admirer, is also employed at Anderson & Anderson as a paralegal preparing for the bar…



Well this book goes down as another of my 2015 Reading Challenge – A Book with a Love Triangle. The question is whether Lauren is going to pick her husband Aaron or her lover Justin.

An interesting read but I felt the book was a bit disjointed in that I wasn’t completely sure who I was meant to be following. After a while it sort of becomes clear that it is the three women (Lauren, Monica and Nikki) and their partners (Aaron/Justin, Morgan and Brad) that are all interlinked with each other, but then I may be wrong. At some points the book tends to just give you random persons inner thoughts that don’t always link to what has been said, or happened, around it. What would have helped the flow of the story better would have been clearer page divides and maybe name headers as to who that chapter was about. I.e. Lauren, Monica and Nikki as headers and then ****** between sections where you don’t want the chapter to end but you do want to show someone else’s POV or thoughts on something happening outside the scene above/around it. This would have helped the character development more as you would have had a clearer view of who it was about and where they were going.

The first half of the book was stronger than the rest as it was focusing just on Lauren’s life, when it switched to the others in the story it changed dynamics. Having said that there were some good parts within the book and once you get used to the random flow the story does start to take shape. It has a few interesting turns along the way with some questions left open at the end to keep you thinking. Especially with how the book starts as you aren’t completely sure what has happened to Lauren and you aren’t told at the end so you are left wondering.

I think the one-on-one scenes between the different characters worked better than larger groups as you were more focused on what was happening to them. I liked the scenes between Lauren and Justin and then Lauren and Aaron as they worked well together and you can see the chemistry between them. Lauren is a bit of a neglected wife but you don’t find out the reason for her Aaron pulling away until the end. This gives her an excuse to feel like she can look elsewhere. Justin becomes her form of escape from her regimented life she has set for herself so you sort of see her appeal to him. She still loves her husband and when he starts to show some interest in her again she starts to question what she is doing.

Overall an interesting read but one that you need to concentrate more on so you know what is really happening to who and when. It’s a great effort for her first book though so why not give it a try.

I received this ARC from Give Me Books in exchange for my honest review.

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 Author Bio

Donnita Lachey was born and raised in a small town in Texas. She first fell in love with literature as a young girl listening to story with twist and turn; new adventures that kept her mind racing long after the stories were done.

She knew one day she would write a story to share with the world.

Her passion first begun with poetry, but she’s a sucker for a good ole love story. Donnita enjoys erotic romance, mysteries, humor and autobiographies.

Donnita had so many avenues when first deciding to make her work public.

With her debut novel Yesterday’s Secrets…Tomorrow’s Lies, Donnita developed something sensual with hints of humor and suspense. This novel will be followed by two more series.

In her spare time Donnita is a wife, and a mother still residing in Texas.

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