Book Review: Hidden Identities Sweet & Sassy Anthology

Hidden Identities

Title: Hidden Identities Sweet & Sassy Anthology

Authors: Paige TimothyJo NoelleLindzee ArmstrongStephanie Connelley WorltonRuth RobertsCandice N. TooneLaura D. BastianKaye P. Clark and James C. Duckett

Following on from the Hidden Identities Blog Tour here is my review of the anthology.


Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Hidden Identities

Readers will be delighted with nine sweet, contemporary romance novelettes in Sweet & Sassy: Hidden Identities. In this charming anthology, you will fall in love again and again.


I love anthologies – short snappy books compiled into one great read.

Each of these stories has someone who is hiding their identity in some way. Whether to protect themselves or others they each have a very different but great story to tell. So well worth checking this anthology set out.

I liked them all but do have a few favourites: First Love Second Chance, Hacked and To Love and Protect.

THE BEST OF ME by Paige Timothy – A story about second chances and finding a way to put the past behind you and move forward in more ways than just romantically.

Becky has been blogging her thoughts and feelings ever since her cancer diagnosis and has quite a following. Her doctor asks her to step in at a symposium that she was meant to speak at and thinks this would be great for her and the people there. It is only after agreeing and looking through the weekends itinerary that she sees that the keynote speaker that weekend is none other than high school boyfriend Josh – the one she broke off with and has regretted ever since. Meeting again after all this time the chemistry and love is still there, so could this be the second chance they have been waiting for or will holding back about her cancer damage it for good?

SECOND-HAND HEARTS by Jo Noelle – You ever has that moment where you looked into someone’s eyes and time seemed to stop? Well Elena has and the eyes in question belong to Chase.

Straight away you can see a spark light between them. The only thing that holds her back is the fact that her fathers pawn shop is in trouble, losing money fast. Chase seems like he will only be a distraction, though a very nice one at that. It doesn’t take long for him to convince her to go out with him but he is holding something back from her, something that might tear them apart for good.

FIRST LOVE, SECOND CHOICE by Lindzee Armstrong – Ever had a crush on someone who didn’t know you even existed but seemed to see your sister only too clearly? Well this is what happens to Keslee when she bumps into an old crush while shopping for ice cream. What makes it worse, and heartbreaking, is that he thinks he is talking to her sister Jayden. Being twins can make things awkward enough but when your sister has recently died is makes it that much harder as you then have to go through the explanation again and again of how she died.

Bryce can’t believe his luck when he see’s his old crush from school Jayden and knows this will be his only chance to ask her out again. He thinks he knows it’s Jayden because of a tattoo behind her ear that only Jayden had, not knowing that Keslee had the same design done shortly after her death to remember her by. Keslee can’t seem to break the news to him so she agrees to a date while pretending to be her sister. Its not until she gets home that she knows she has made a terrible mistake and is in for the worst date possible for when she breaks the news.

After the date from hell Keslee is glad that she won’t need to see Bryce again but fate has other plans as it keeps them right in each other’s paths. As a wedding planner she has to check out a new venue opening soon not realising that this one just happens to be where Bryce is the head of the sales and marketing department. With an upcoming wedding to plan, and spending more time together, they seem to be getting closer but with a slip of the tongue from something Bryce says he might have destroyed something for good. He must pull out all the stops if he wants to get his girl.

HACKED by Stephanie Connelley Worlton – Being a computer analyst Samantha has always seen herself as a bit geeky. She wouldn’t have ever thought that stumbling across some coding where a lot of money is being stolen that her life would be in danger but that’s just what has happened.

So now she finds herself under witness protection in a new town with a new identity. She knows it has something to do with the case she was working on and will do whatever she can to solve it to get her life back and she doesn’t like where she has been put.

That is until her sexy new neighbour appears on the scene – if she has to pass the time with someone why not him. Seth is all kinds of yum and Samantha can’t seem to stay away from him. She feels safe around him but is her trust misplaced. With danger lurking she can’t help but wonder whether he is too good to be true. Ending left me wanting more.

TO LOVE AND PROTECT by Ruth Roberts – Lorelei has been given a chance of a lifetime by guarding Daxon the First Son of the Presidential family. The only snag is that Daxon isn’t meant to know he is being guarded – well at least he doesn’t know about her, the others he may have a feel for.

Lorelei has been given permission to use any and all means necessary to protect Daxon’s life but his heart is another matter entirely. The closer she gets to him the better it is to protect him, right? It’s just the job. That all changes pretty much straight away after he answers his door to her in nothing but a towel. From then on the lines are getting more blurred and if she is not careful it will be her heart that gets broken when he finds out the truth.

CLOSING TIME by Candice N. Toone – This story was amusing. Ever been on a blind date and they never showed? Yes, No, either way this one will make you smile and wish that, if you answered yes that is, that this had happened to you.

Kelsey has been sitting waiting for her date to arrive for over 45minutes and doesn’t seem to want to give in just yet, even though all seems lost. That is until her ‘date’ suddenly arrives apologising profusely for being so late. The ‘date’ in question is none other than the restaurants chef Will, he feels bad that she has waited so long for a date that clearly isn’t going to show so decides to step in so she won’t feel rejected. He intends to be nice but make lame conversation so she can save face and not want a second date. This all changes after spending a bit of time together, he starts to really like her and somehow gets her number and the promise of a second date. He knows he needs to come clean but doesn’t know how to start for fear of losing her for good.

SINK OR SWIM by Laura D. Bastian – Shelly has had enough with cheating men; she just wants them to stay away while she re-groups. She hold’s firm to this feeling right up until a sexy new swimmer starts to join her at the pool.

After weeks of simple hello’s and swimming races she starts to rethink this whole ‘men are evil stay away’ approach and is looking forward to seeing Brandon more and more, especially after a kiss that had her melting. This all changes though when she see’s him again at her schools parent teacher conference with his pregnant wife and daughter. She can’t believe she fell for another cheater and vows to have nothing to do with him again. Brandon can’t understand why Shelly has suddenly disappeared on him and when he bumps into her again and she goes off on one about being a cheater he can’t help but wonder whether this has something to do with his twin brother Rory and his family?

WRITE AND WRONG by Kaye P. Clark – Jon Patterson is a burnt out author trying to find his muse to write the next book in his successful series. He has hit writers block and needs to find some inspiration somewhere new so decides to travel to a remote town to find it. Nothing happens right away, he just can’t seem to concentrate. He travels into the town to find somewhere to connect to free wifi and comes across the library where he meets Abby. Well he was looking for some inspiration and he has defiantly found some with the libraries Sensory Safari, wild animals everywhere, and when Abby continues to walk passed him he starts to see the story unfold. A mystery set in Africa with Abby being the lead Angie next to his alter ego Quinn.

As the story unfolds Jon can’t help but want to make fiction a reality but will holding back his true identity turn out to be a disaster too big to come back from?

UNDERCOVER LOVER by James C. Duckett – Johnny Anderson has been struggling to get a break with the undercover case he is working on. He has spent months trying to get close to his asset Vincent to locate his father who is wanted in a big case. His handler gives him a deadline to either get the information or be kicked out. He needs to focus on the task at hand, which becomes harder than he thought when an enticing new neighbour moves in across the street.

Hannah catches his eye, and soon his heart, the more time they spend together. But with danger lurking he needs to find a way to keep her out of harms way. He can’t stand that he is lying about who he really is, and what he really does. Will he lose Hannah when she finds out the truth about him or is she hiding something aswell?


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from I Am Reader for my honest review.



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3 responses to “Book Review: Hidden Identities Sweet & Sassy Anthology

  1. lindzeearmstrong

    Thanks for the kind reviews! I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. 🙂


  2. lindzeearmstrong

    Thanks for the kind reviews. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the stories!


  3. Laura

    So glad you liked them. Thanks for taking the time to review and spread the word.


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