Newsletter Book Offer – Short Seductions by Jordan K Rose

Check out this awesome offer from author Jordan K Rose about her new spicy paranormal romance series called Short Seductions. There are ten stories in the series. On each launch day subscribers of her newsletter will receive these stories FREE in their mailboxes via the newsletter – I do love getting free books! All you have to do is sign up to her newsletter at (I know I have!)

About the series:

Welcome to Seductions

Step into the most popular bar in New England and enter a world where Others live side-by-side with unsuspecting humans. At Seductions the drinks are always tasty, the romance is always hot, and the patrons aren’t always human.

The Short Seductions Series is a collection of ten spicy paranormal romance short stories, each of roughly 8,000 words in length. These hot little love stories are short enough to enjoy on your lunch break, but long enough to satisfy any romance reader. Each sensual tale tells the romantic journey of a different hero and heroine.

Come on in. Have a drink. Enjoy a quickie happily-ever-after.

Here’s the Short Seductions Release Schedule:

Shana & The Vampire, Story One- release date July 10, 2015


A change. That’s what Shana Powers needs. A new job with excitement. A new boss with manners. An income that actually pays the bills.

Taking a second job at the hottest bar in the state seems like the perfect idea. But can the answer to all her problems really be that simple?

The moment Shana walks through the doors to Seductions she knows she’s crossed into a world that will change her life forever.

Delia & The Werewolf, Story Two- release date July 17, 2015


A woman of her word, Delia Montgomery has never backed down from a challenge. But if there was ever a time when she wished she’d read the fine print, now is it.

After agreeing to a friendly wager with her sexy rival, he reveals the competition is simply drinks at Seductions.

She’d be a liar if she denied being worried. How could she possibly resist his advances in a place where drinks flow freely and passion pumps with the beat of the music?

Tess & The Demon, Story Three- release date July 24, 2015


Thanks to him, Tessa Harper’s heart is shattered. Cracked into a million little pieces. She might be bitter. But what woman who woke up to find a note giving her the heave-hoe wouldn’t be hurt and angry and humiliated?

With time hearts heal, and one moves on and forgets. Well, maybe she doesn’t forget, but she moves on, or maybe she doesn’t do that either.

The point is she doesn’t practice slinging zingers at him for four months only to be tongue-tied when he returns and professes his literally undying love. Will she once again fall for the demon who ripped her heart to shreds?

Jenna & The Telepath, Story Four- release date July 31, 2015


What’s scarier than a vampire, a werewolf, or a demon?

A telepath.

Can a woman ever feel more naked than when none of her thoughts are private and all of her secrets are known? Even being naked in the center of the packed Seductions dance floor wouldn’t feel as exposed. Yet, there’s something about Kolton Lansing that Jenna Rivers can’t resist.

Is it possible Kolton has used his power to trick Jenna into loving him? Is she just some toy he’s playing with? Or does Kolton really care for her? Welcome

August 7, 2015              September 4, 2015       November 6, 2015

Liza-&-The-Dragon-website    Beatrice-&-The-Shifter-Website    Maria-&-The-Angel-copy

December 4, 2015         February 5, 2016          March 4, 2016

Raquel-&-The-Necromancer-copy    Abigail-&-The-Warlock-website-copy    Lilith-&-The-Human-website-copy

Loving all these covers and I cannot wait for them to come out! Feel the need to step back into the paranormal world – I have been away too long!


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