Book Review: ‘Forbidden Shifts’ by Olivia Myers



Title: Forbidden Shifts – Shifter Romance

Published: 1st July 2015

Publisher: Soft Kiss Books

Author: Olivia Myers


Forbidden Shifts is a werewolf paranormal shifter romance with hot sex

Kellan, the pack’s beta, hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Lindsay, the alpha’s daughter, ever since they spent a night flirting at the bar. Everything about her called to him, from her long, luscious legs to their mutual love of corny old sitcoms. She invited him over, but he resisted, knowing the alpha wanted to keep the pack away from her. Kellan can’t get her out of his head, though. When he shows up weeks later at her apartment, hot and horny, he doesn’t know if Lindsay will turn him away and laugh at him, or invite him in.

Now that the two of them have finally acted on their forbidden romance, they must hide yet another scintillating secret from Lindsay’s father. But hiding a secret from a werewolf is never easy….


Short but sweet (well hot really when Kellan and Lindsay get going) paranormal romance.

I haven’t read a paranormal shifter book in a while, which is strange in its self as I do love them, but I found this book a great one to get back into the swing of things with all things wolf. There is nothing better than a wolf shifter: powerful, strong wiled, dominating men, who could show you a thing or two.

Kellan is the beta of his wolf pack and he has wanted to get closer to Lindsay for some time. The only problem is that she is the alpha’s daughter and for whatever reason she isn’t a shifter like her father, maybe her mother was full human or something. Either way the pack has been told to stay away from her and that no one is to turn her. Above all things he has made it clear that he doesn’t want his daughter involved in their world. Only problem with this is that from the moment Lindsay met Kellan she has wanted him as much as he has wanted her.

No matter how hard Lindsay tried to coax Kellan back to her place that first night he stayed away. Weeks later after coming down from a shift, hot and very horny, his reasoning to stay away leaves him and he can’t get to her place quick enough. The moment he gets in her apartment you can feel the tension coming off them and when they come together you get some pretty hot sex scenes. The connection between them can be felt throughout and with the style of writing you really get the feeling like you are there, watching them.

When a night of passion takes an unexpected turn Kellan and Lindsay will have to find a way to deal with the consequences it brings, for their relationship and the pack.


4 out of 5 stars


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