Book Review: ‘The Lost One’ by Liz Lovelock


Title: The Lost One

Published: 8th September 2014

Author: Liz Lovelock


Twitter: @LizLovelock



My name is Melodi White, I had a dream once like every other girl does. Then one day, my dream was torn to shreds, by my sister’s evil boyfriend, Jacob. It’s been three years since she was ripped from my life. She wasn’t just any sister; no, she was my twin, my best friend.

Deciding to follow our childhood dream of moving to New York, I head for a life of adventure and fun. A night on the town and I find myself wrapped in the arms of one gorgeous, drop-dead-sexy man, Corban. He has literally swept me off my feet, taken my breath away with a single kiss and left me wanting more, a feeling completely alien to me.

Corban Andrews, CEO of Case Construction, rich, sexy and ravishing is set to make my world come undone. I allow myself to put my trust in him, but will his rules and my trust issues let us explore what we could have together? It’s either that or am I at risk of staying lost and alone.

When a blast from my past reappears, I know I may be pushed so far down the rabbit hole, Corban and I just may not survive. It all comes down to survival and choices. I have no idea which I will choose.


This is a great book and I didn’t want to put down. A heart felt story about the loss of a sister and finding a way to trust in love again.

Three years ago Melodi’s sister went missing and has been presumed dead. Melodi knows her sister was going to break things off with her abusive boyfriend but the night she went to do it was the last time she saw her alive. Even though blood was found at his place because no body was found, and for lack of evidence, he got let off. After shutting down and just getting on with the day to day things of life her parents finally decide that it is time she continues with her dream she had shared with her sister to live in New York. Little does she know that this is the place were her life will begin again for the better.

Melodi has been given the chance to apply for a personal assistant position at Case Construction. Her interview panel is quite large and the person who is getting the assistant isn’t even there, just on speakerphone even though he doesn’t talk. What she doesn’t know then is that she will meet him later but in a not so professional manner.

Corban is a very easy man to fall for; you can see why Melodi would go head over heels for him. From the first time they meet you can see the instant chemistry flow between them. Well that comes after Melodi’s total embarrassment as she first stumbles up the stairs in a club, luckily Corban is there to catch her. When she gives her full name he instantly recognises her name from the interviews earlier and you can see that he is pleasantly surprised. When he tries to get her to go into his office, as he owns the club, she stops dead in her tracks. From her panicked expression he can tell straight away that she has trust issues and finds men intimidating but his one line has her melting. “I would never hurt you” and even though she has never met him before you get the impression that he is telling the complete truth, which would explain why she then doesn’t push him away for kissing her. After another run in with Corban on the streets she finds she can’t get him out of her head and can’t wait to see him again, she just doesn’t expect to see him at her new job with him being her new boss.

To start with Corban thinks that they should keep things completely professional but that last all of a few days and once they get together there is nothing that can keep them apart. With how Corban treats Melodi he is slowly putting her back together and making her whole again. He rebuilds her trust in men and love and is making her see that there could be a brighter future. Their relationship might happen quickly but you can see that the feelings are pure and you melt a little with some of the things that Corban comes out with.

But when Melodi’s sisters ex comes back on the seen things start to take a turn for the worse. Fears show its ugly head and it will take the trust in the right people to get through this.

This book ends on a cliff hanger and what a cliff hanger it is. You are guessing throughout about where the overall story could go and I’m not sure you will see it completely coming. Defiantly want to read where the story is going.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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