Book Review: ‘A Minor Shift’ by Tabitha Conall

A Minor Shift


Title: A Minor Shift

Published: 10th June 2015

Publisher: Little Death Books

Author: Tabitha Conall


Twitter: @TabithaConall


The first in a brand new series from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Tabitha Conall…

BBW shifter Eva Ross wants to climb the ranks at the FBI and she’s on her way. A romance could put a huge wrench in her plans, so she turns down lion shifter and Army Ranger Bowie Garrison by telling him she’s already got a date.

She didn’t expect to wake the lion. Now Bowie’s coming for her and it’ll be all she can do to resist him…and her traitorous heart.


A short hot shifter romance that will keep you wanting more and definitely gears you up to want to know more about what will happen in the series as a whole, just wanted it to be a little bit longer. Loving the cover, its showing you what a powerful man Bowie is to deal with.

So Bowie first met Eva when they were both stationed out in Afghanistan and fell for her hard. He held back from starting something out there but now he is back State side his first thoughts are of her. She is all he can think about but he still needs to gear himself up to call her to ask out on a date and when he does he doesn’t get the response that he was hoping for.

Eva has her sights set of progressing within the FBI and doesn’t need any distractions; especially not a hot, muscled, lion shifter that she can’t seem to get out of her mind. From the moment she first met him she knew he would be a big distraction. She just knows that he wouldn’t be a one time thing or just be happy with friends with benefits, with the way he looked at her and made her feel she knows he would be wanting a lot more. So when she gets a call from him saying he is back State side and wants to meet up for a drink she does the only thing she can think of, say she already has a date. Little does she know that saying that will wake up his lion full force, to the point where he will do anything to show her who she really needs to be with.

I thought it was very funny that neither of them was aware that the other was their mate. They had all the signs but they just couldn’t see it. Even when they both got jealous enough to want to rip the arms off whoever was too close to what their beasts considered theirs. The back and forth between them is great and you will get some very funny, and then hot, scenes between them.

The underlining storyline is about Kane’s childhood when he lived in a cult. This is the starting off point for the series and it gets you thinking about what these characters can get themselves into. Going to be a fun journey they go on, lets see what they can get up to. Definitely want to check out other books by the author now.


4 out of 5 stars


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