Book Review: ‘Delia & the Werewolf’ by Jordan K Rose



Title: Delia & The Werewolf, Story Two

Published: 17th July 2015

Author: Jordan K Rose


Twitter: @jordankrose



A woman of her word, Delia Montgomery has never backed down from a challenge. But if there was ever a time when she wished she’d read the fine print, now is it.

After agreeing to a friendly wager with her sexy rival, he reveals the competition is simply drinks at Seductions.

She’d be a liar if she denied being worried. How could she possibly resist his advances in a place where drinks flow freely and passion pumps with the beat of the music?


I liked this one a bit more than the first, might have something to do with the fact I love shifter stories, especially ones with big sexy alpha wolves.

After the death of her father Delia inherited his multi-million dollar organisation, she has had to deal with difficult businessmen but none more so than Luke Ravenwood. For the past eighteen months he has been fighting with her to sell a piece of land and has finally managed to convince her to a wager, if he wins he gets the land and if she wins he never mentions it again. What she doesn’t realise is that the wager he has in mind is to have a drinks date at Seductions, the hottest new club in town where all the Other love to play.

Luke has wanted Delia from the moment he met her and being an alpha wolf he is used to getting what he wants. He needs to be creative and patient to get his woman but after eighteen months he knows he needs to step things up. Which is why he creates a little wager to get her alone with him in a very intimate setting.

You can feel the attraction between them from the moment they are in each other’s company. Delia likes to poke to wolf to get a reaction out of him and it doesn’t take long for her to realise that she actually likes the thrill of the chase. The thought of being caught by Luke is the only thing she has been thinking about since that first meeting.

“Drummond, you’ve been holding out on me. I don’t suppose you’re willing to forgo the land discussion and give me a chance to win this lovely creature.” These first words from him nearly made her come in her seat as no-one has ever made her feel so wanted before and looked at her with such hunger. She has been enthralled with him ever since, which is the reason why she has tried to stay away knowing if she gets too close she might get hurt.

She doesn’t seem to understand that once he choose her she would be the last person who should fear of getting hurt as he would do anything to keep her from harm. She needs to learn to let her hair down and start to relax. Maybe then they can both get what they have been wanting for the past eighteen months.


5 out of 5 stars

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