Book Review: ‘Tess and the Demon’ by Jordan K Rose



Title: Tess & The Demon, Story Three

Published: 24th July 2015

Author: Jordan K Rose


Twitter: @jordankrose



Thanks to him, Tessa Harper’s heart is shattered. Cracked into a million little pieces. She might be bitter. But what woman who woke up to find a note giving her the heave-hoe wouldn’t be hurt and angry and humiliated?

With time hearts heal, and one moves on and forgets. Well, maybe she doesn’t forget, but she moves on, or maybe she doesn’t do that either.

The point is she doesn’t practice slinging zingers at him for four months only to be tongue-tied when he returns and professes his literally undying love. Will she once again fall for the demon who ripped her heart to shreds?


I do love the power of a Demon and you can literally feel it coming off Drake. Reading the last few Short Seduction stories has made me really want to get back into reading more of the paranormal books I know and love.

Tess had her man, her lover, her Demon, she thought she had it all until the morning she woke up in an empty bed with nothing other than a note saying he loved her but had to leave. After feeling as though her heart has been ripped out she has turned numb. That is until the Demon in question comes back into her life to turns things upside down again.

Tess can’t believe that Drake still has the power over her to make her a little crazy, throwing your phone out the window of a moving car because you can’t stand that he texted you to meet him you aren’t thinking clearly. She has spent the last four months without him and hates the fact he thinks he can stroll on back into her life as if nothing happened. She just needs to stay strong and not let him get under her skin, but the moment he speaks the familiar voice sends shivers down her spine and makes her body responded in a way no-one else has ever, or will ever, been able to do. She remembers all too well how amazing they were together.

Drake left for a reason but he needs to make her stay long enough to hear him out. From small touches he can see that her body and mind are fighting a war to see who will win. He needs to explain himself fast or he will loose the one woman who means the most to him. Tess is strong willed and won’t let herself be hurt again so if he wants her again he has to prove it and never leave again.

Jordan K Rose has become a new favourite paranormal author of mine now and I will definitely be looking into the other books she has done.



4 out of 5 stars

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