Book Review: ‘The Border Bride’ by Elizabeth English



Title: The Border Bride (Darnleys & Kirallens #1)

Published: 12th October 2014

Author: Elizabeth English


No one can remember a time when the Darnleys and Kirallens were not at each other’s throats. The marriage of Maude Darnley to Jemmy Kirallen promises to end an age-old conflict – but Darnley has no intention of keeping his sworn word. Instead, he blackmails his baseborn daughter, Alyson, forcing her to masquerade as Maude while he prepares for a devastating surprise attack.

Alyson is determined to survive and rescue her young brother from Darnley’s clutches, but she never counted on falling in love. Now Alyson is faced with a terrible choice: Reveal the truth, and her brother’s life is forfeit – stay silent, and condemn Jemmy and his clan to certain death.


I do love a good Scottish Highlander book and this one doesn’t disappoint.

This book tells the story of a century hold feud between the Darnleys and Kirallens. After the young son of the Darnleys tries, fails and gets caught while trying to steal sheep from the Kirallens the Laird has had enough. He strikes a bargain with Lord Darnley that he will spare his sons life if he agrees that his daughter marries his son. Lord Darnley agrees to this bargain but is already trying to find a loophole so he doesn’t have to send Maude – and that he has done. He blackmails his baseborn daughter Alyson (by kidnapping her young brother) to masquerade as Maude to buy him some time to get an army together to wage a battle against the Kirallens.

Now all Alyson needs to do is keep Laird Kirallens son Jemmy distracted enough to pass as Maude to help ensure her brothers life – she just never counted on falling for him in the process. Now the choices are laid out in front of her: if she reveals the truth her brothers life is forfeit but if she stays quite then Jemmy and his clan will suffer a certain death.

It is a long book but well worth a read if you like Highlander romances – keeps you guessing to the end wondering how things will turn out.


4 out of 5 stars

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