Blog Tour and Review: ‘He’s So Fine’ by Marie Mason


Title: He’s So Fine
Author: Marie Mason

Cage knew he was bad. Bad to the bone. A cheesy description, but one that fit the underground fighter perfectly. He loved to fight, he loved to f***. Despite his reputation, he tried to stay away from trouble. He usually succeeded. Until the day, trouble found him in the form of a curvy stepsister.

Abigail Snow was a good girl. Straight A student, attending college on a scholarship and… a virgin. When her stepbrother is invited to the Hamptons for a true family vacation, Abby knew she was in for a summer of heartache. He was big and strong with a cocky attitude… he was so fine.

But could he ever be hers?


Buy link – only available in Kindle Unlimited – on sale for 99 cents until september 1, 2015



WOW on so many levels. I have never read anything by Marie Mason but will definitely check out more by her now – especially as I have found out she writes paranormal shifter romances! The cover alone will make you want to read this one, I mean just look at that six-pack he is ripped!

Well what can I say about Cage – he is a cocky, self-assured man who loves to fight and f**k, and I completely loved him. He was so bold with saying it like it is in the beginning that you can’t help but be intrigued by him and his back-story to see how he has got to where he is. Cage has been on his own for as long as he can remember after his deadbeat mum died and then never knowing who his father was he bounced around foster homes until he had enough of his foster fathers beatings. He survived in the world using the talents he had available to him – being able to fight and f**k and being good at both of them. He is now on his way to being an MMA fighter at the age of 25 when he gets some unexpected news – his father has found him and wants him to spend the summer with him and his family at the Hampton’s. His coach talks him into going, he thinks he is just going to say hi, find out what happened in his past and leave. What he doesn’t expect is to take one look at the knockout that opens the door and want to stay for a whole new reason.

Abby is spending the summer in the Hampton’s with her family before heading back to college. Somewhere to relax and regroup before heading home and maybe somewhere she can find someone who can take her v-card. What she doesn’t expect when opening the door to her summer home to play tennis with her ‘Hampton friends’ is the sexiest man alive. She all but drools in his presence and only comes up straight when she realises who he is – her new step-brother.

Cage can’t believe his luck to have this beauty fall into his lap and after a horrifying moment thinking that he just got hard about who he thinks could be his half sister she says the magic word ‘step’. Now that is a very important word between the two of them as there is no blood relation – it’s just that his dad has married her mum. Now he knows its all good there is nothing that will stop him from going for her, as no one else has ever made him stand still and take notice for more than a few moments before. He just has to get her on side and well it is something he is very good at.

As soon as he figures out that she is still a virgin he comes up with the idea to help her out, train her in a way so she knows what is doing when she leaves at the end of the summer. He knows she is a good girl but as he keeps saying they are the ones who like the bad boys the most. When they start their training the words ‘scorching hot’ almost don’t cover it – they are completely on fire for each other. It soon becomes clear though that what they have started could be something a whole lot more than just a summer fling and if they aren’t careful then there could be some broken hearts at the end of it.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Be My Book Boyfriend for my honest review.




Marie Mason has always known, somewhere deep in her soul, that being a writer was what she was born to be. Thanks to the new and exciting world of self-publishing, Marie was finally able to make her dream come true. Part two of the dream is to be a full-time writer, spending the wee hours of morning creating new and exciting characters for her readers. That part might take a little longer. If you’d like to contact her with a comment or suggestion, her email is or you can find her on Facebook.
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