Book Review: ‘Cinderfella’ by Xavier Neal


Title: Cinderfella

Published: 6th May 2015

Publisher: Entertwine Publishing

Author: Xavier Neal

Twitter: @XavierNeal87



Perfect body. Perfect car. Perfect life. So, what could a girl like that ever want from a guy like me? The guy with holes in his sneakers. The guy who can barely afford to eat. The guy with an unexpected secret. What could a princess like that want from me? After all fairy tales don’t exist in real life…do they?


Cinderella eat your heart out, there is a new guy on the scene that has taken your place and his name is Connor. What a great spin on a fairytale classic and another great book by this author. Can’t wait to read more of her titles! This also goes down as another book off my 2015 Reading Challenge – A book set in a high school.

This book is solely told from Connors perspective, which makes it that much more interesting to see how everything unfolds around him. I mean Cinderella’s story mostly revolves around her journey to getting her HEA, so why can’t Connors?

Connor is a single dad, with a drug and alcohol dependant mother who is trying the best he can to get a better life for himself and in turn his daughter Makayla (who is just the sweetest little girl on the planet who you just want to pick up and hug). One way to help get a head start is to win the scholarship from his theatre studies class competition. He has a good chance and he is a very talented guy but he see’s his chance of getting this scholarship almost go up in flames when his teacher decides to partner him with spoiled rich princess Gianna.

Gianna isn’t too pleased with being partnered with him either but neither of them really has a say in it. Gianna has had a rough past and this is her last chance of redeeming herself in her parent’s eyes. She went off the rails completely and needs something good to focus on to get herself back on track, or just the right track for once really. She is somewhat spoiled and comes from money, which ultimately creates more of a divide between them than their general dislike for each other at the beginning. This all changes after a few heated rehearsals together though.

As this is told from Connor’s POV its his thoughts and feelings we are told about and you can see his struggle early on for how he feels about Gianna. He might think she is annoying and not worth all the drama but nothing can hide the fact he can’t stop thinking about her long legs. With spending so much time together you can see the dislike slowly change into comical banter and then build into something more. The more comfortable they are with each other the more they open up about their pasts and begin to trust one another. The moment Gianna says she wants to kiss Connor while rehearsing he almost laughs it off saying ‘that’s not in the script’ but Gianna doesn’t give him a second to think about it before she lands one on him. One kiss is all it takes to break down Connor’s walls about keeping a distance from the opposite sex and Gianna is the one girl he wants to see more of. With the secrets they keep coming to the surface they will have to decide if they are strong enough to stay together or whether they will ultimately be torn apart.

The way Xavier has managed to create some amazing characters within this book is just awesome. Connor is just amazing with what he has gone through in his life, to still be able to see that there could be a better future waiting is inspiring. Gianna is trying to find her way in the world, to feel ok within her own skin and its not until she meets Connor that she finally feels whole. This is a story about young love, and family, which will definitely pull at the heartstrings – so check it out.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the publishers for my honest review.


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