Book Review: ‘Jenna & the Telepath’ by Jordan K Rose


Title: Jenna & the Telepath

Published: 31st July 2015

Publisher: Jordan K Rose

Author: Jordan K Rose


Twitter: @jordankrose



A telepath.

Can a woman ever feel more naked than when none of her thoughts are private and all of her secrets are known? Even being naked in the center of the packed Seductions dance floor wouldn’t feel as exposed. Yet, there’s something about Kolton Lansing that Jenna Rivers can’t resist.

Is it possible Kolton has used his power to trick Jenna into loving him? Is she just some toy he’s playing with? Or does Kolton really care for her?


Another great short read by Jordan K Rose! I really like the Short Seductions series and can’t wait to read the rest of them.

Short Seductions series revolves around the bar, its where everyone meets and you can see how all the different ‘Other’ interact with each other. You have Werewolves, Vampires, Warlocks, Demons, everything, but Jenna seems to think that Kolton being a telepath is the most dangerous and powerful because he can choose whom he wants to listen to and talk to with his mind. Jenna is always a bit paranoid about whom he may or may not be listening to – or talking to – at any point that they are together.

Jenna is an ordinary woman who can’t seem to understand why Kolton would ever be interested in her. She see’s herself as a bit plain and boring and thinks he can do better. When she found out that he was a telepath she freaked out a little bit. The fact that he can not only hear other peoples thoughts but choose whether to tune in or not seemed a more powerful than she first thought. She asks him to not listen in on her thoughts but the moment he does that her mind seems to go off to crazy land where she is consistently questioning everything about their relationship.

I liked the beginning where she is having a bit of a mental battle with herself in the car about whether or not to go into the bar to see him. He sends her a message asking why she is torturing herself, she texts back that he shouldn’t have been in her head in the first place to which his response is that he wouldn’t be if she wasn’t shouting her thoughts so loudly. When he sends the next message ‘come in to the bar’ she can actually feel his voice like a sensual whisper running through her mind and over her body making her want to go to him that much more.

I liked how Jenna’s mind works and how strange her thoughts can get when they are running off from her. It seems that Kolton knows exactly when she is going off on some wild train of thought and can seem to bring her back to the present. He is actually really hurt when Jenna thinks that they are nothing more than playthings. He has wanted her from the moment he saw her and he is just waiting for her to catch up to his way of thinking – that they are perfect for each other.

I like the style of Jordan’s writing; even though they are short stories you get a feel for the environment that they are all in. You don’t need to see the entire story play out as with Jordan’s style of writing you can see where they are all going.


5 out of 5 stars

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