Book Review: ‘Liza and the Dragon’ by Jordan K Rose


Title: Liza and the Dragon

Published: 7th August 2015

Publisher: Jordan K Rose

Author: Jordan K Rose


Twitter: @jordankrose



Liza Richards isn’t a sex fiend or a whore or a nymphomaniac. Not by a long shot. She’s generally quite reserved. Except for that one night a month of fiery passion with Tyson Blacktail.

One night. That’s it. One night can make a generally mild-mannered, reserved professional lose her mind. One night is simply not enough. But forcing a dragon to give her more is impossible.

This is it. Tonight she’s going to free herself of that damn sexy dragon once and for all. One last night and then she’ll get him out of her system, out of her life, and out of her heart.

Or will she…


Well this one starts off with a bang with the first sentence by Liza being “Well? Are we going to f*** tonight or what?” Seeing Ty once a month is not nearly enough and she is getting very bad sex withdrawal symptoms.

Liza has been under the impression (quite wrongly) that she can only see Ty once a month but she doesn’t realise that she is the one who has unintentionally done it. For over a year she has held to this system of when they can meet and she is getting a bit fed up with it. Being sexually frustrated, and him looking good enough to eat, is not helping. She just wants to get straight to the room she knows Ty has booked and get to it. So she is taken aback when he growls at her that he would like to have an actual date first with her before going straight for sex.

To say she is shocked is an understatement, even more so when he asks what she really wants out of their relationship. Ty has been holding fast to what she has set from the first moment they met. When she said the words ‘I’ll see you the third Thursday of every month for one year, then if we still like each other, I’ll marry you’ he took them as gospel so has waited for over a year to be able to claim her as his own. He just needs to convince Liza that she is the one for him, his mate, and he would do what ever she asked – even wait another year – to make her his.

One thing I like about the male characters in this series is that they are so domineering; they would do anything to protect the women in their lives. Even if the women don’t always see straight away that they’re the ones that they want to be with. They seem to need a bit of convincing to begin with but the guy always seems to get his girl in the end, which is great. I like the series style as you get into the characters personalities quite quickly, though even with them being shorts you don’t feel like you are missing anything. More like you are just at the start of something that is only going to get better with the world that has been created around them.


5 out of 5 stars

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