Book Review: ‘Secret Obsession’ by Olivia Linden


Title: Secret Obsession

Published: 20th August 2015

Author: Olivia Linden


When two lonely souls find each other, nothing can be sweeter or, more forbidden.

Finn was the type of man that dreams were made of. A charming country boy. Handsome, hard working and loved his mama. Underneath? A freak in the sheets. Raven knew he was everything she wanted. But he was her secret.

Raven was supposed to be off limits. Forbidden.

That didn’t stop Finn from wanting her, so he took her. After one taste he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop. Everytime she screamed his name an indelible blemish was etched onto his soul. Claiming him just as he had claimed her.

What they were doing was reckless which only added fuel to the flames. With each encounter they edged closer to the fire. Closer to disaster. There was no way for things to end well, but there was no way he could stop.

Lines get crossed, blurred and scratched down his back as they both give into their

Secret Obsession.


Another fun read about the forbidden love between a step- brother and sister. I had just finished reading another book with a very similar storyline so some parts felt a bit blurred. The whole Jack and Jill bedroom with the bathroom between in both of them but I have to say that these things do work well in these situations as you can imagine what can happen if you “forget” to lock the other door.

Finn has been the man about the house since his father passed away and now that his mother has remarried he doesn’t like feeling pushed out or pushed over. Which is exactly what his mother does when springing on him that her new husbands daughter Raven is going to be staying with them for the summer and she has to stay on his side of the house instead of the guest room near her bedroom. His mother feels that because she is still a newly wed that she still needs a bit more privacy. Understandably he is annoyed and doesn’t like that his space is going to be invaded. This all changes though the moment he sees her dancing around her room in skimpy clothing from the gap in the joining bathrooms door.

Raven has run away from her problems. After finding out her boyfriend was pretty much banging the whole of her dance group she needed to get away to regroup. The last thing she wants to do is get caught up with some other guy but this all changes the moment she sees her new step-brother, her thoughts kind of stop short. He catches her dancing around her room which she might have felt embarrassed at if she hadn’t have been so distracted by the fact that he was shirtless and had muscled body models would dream of.

From their first bumpy encounter they seem to just stay out of each other’s way. Seems to be the best course of action for Finn, as all he really wants to do is jump her the moment he sees her – he just doesn’t realise that is just the same for her. When he spots her in his local bar that seems to change a bit. When Raven sees Finn in all his cowboy gear in the bar she all but wolf whistles in his presence – he is like a wet dream come to life. Wanting to find a way to get closer to her, or just see how her hips move, he convinces her to go on the mechanical bull. After saying “I’m a cowboy, baby. There’s nothing I can’t ride” this all but makes Raven melt so she bets he can’t stay on for long – if he does longer than she will give it a try. Clearly he is pro and she soon sees herself up on its back and its not long before Finn gets on behind her. The feel of him that close to her is almost too much and then with the cold shoulder he gives her afterwards she almost thinks she miss read the chemistry between them.

This all changes the moment she gets a flat tire and Finn is the one who happens to come along to help. All alone on the road fate seems to be throwing them a chance to be together and you know that with the sexual tension that has been building for so long between them they won’t be able to hold out much longer – which they don’t ;). But being together has its risks and they have to wonder whether their secret obsession with each other is worth it in the end or will it all end in tears.

Aside from a few grammar errors and the fact that a characters name changed from one page to the next (Sandy to Sally) it was a good fun read for a lazy afternoon.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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