Book Review: ‘Badass In My Bed’ by Rae Lynn Blaise


Title: Badass In My Bed (Badass #1)

Published: 23rd June 2015

Publisher: Bigger On The Inside

Author: Rae Lynn Blaise

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My life is music. I play it, I live it, I breathe it. Next week, I start my dream job playing cello with the Boston Symphony. My father might finally be proud of me, and I… well, I’ll have my music.

Then I met Dylan—tattooed, badass, always-hard Dylan. He’s nothing like anyone I’ve ever been with before. Just one night can’t hurt me.

But sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned.


After the lengthy books I have read lately I wanted a chance to read something a bit lighter but still with a good storyline. This book ticked both of those boxes. Short, snappy and straight to the point – I loved it!

Rachael is having one last hurrah with her best friend before leaving Chicago for a new job as part of the Boston Symphony. Throughout the evening you definitely get the impression that Rachael is convincing her friend as much as herself that this move is the right decision for her. While waiting for the drinks to arrive she happens to glance around the bar where she spots someone who is so not her usual type but someone she can’t stop thinking about either. Her friend seems to think that if this is her last night out here then she should go out with a bang – for starters she can go chat up the hot tattooed guy she can’t stop staring at.

The moment she sees him in a booth at the back of the bar she is entranced. He is the personification of a bad boy rocker and for some reason she really wants to let her alter ego take over and go to him. Especially after he spots her staring and keeps looking at her as much as she is at him. Her friend helps her out in this regard, as she can see Rachael won’t, by buying him a drink and saying its from her. On her way back from the bathroom, while walking past his booth, he stops her to say thank you and asks her to sit. Well with the type of domineering voice he has it’s more of a command that she really doesn’t want to say no to.

Dylan is all kinds of hot, from his tattooed body to his voice, and it doesn’t take him long before he asks if they should get out of there. Even before he says it she knows what her answer will be – a big fat YES. Once back at her place though the nerves start to get the best of her, he does give her an out though saying that if she doesn’t want this to happen to say so in the next two seconds because after that he doesn’t know if he will be able to leave. With the need and want on his face all for her Rachael tells him she doesn’t want him to go – to which he rewards her with a toe curling kiss. Which is only the start of the hotter than a fire fun that they have. She has had sex before but tonight she is going to get well and truly f**ked and love every second of it. She tells herself that it is just a one-night stand and no one will get hurt but the moment he gets ready to leave she starts to have regrets. Not that she met him but that she let him go.

I loved how that even though the book was a short read you still got a feel for the characters personalities. Rachael is clearly hiding something about how she got into the Boston Symphony and Dylan is hiding about whom he really is. Rachael thinks that she can just have the memory of their time together as just that, a memory but when she finds out whom Dylan really is the temptation to try and get in contact might just get the best of her. Can’t wait to read the next instalment – bring on Badass In My Bed #2!


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the publishers for my honest review.

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