Book Review: ‘Billionaire with a Twist 3’ by Lila Monroe

Part 3 Cover

Title: Billionaire with a Twist 3

Published: 30th September 2015

Author: Lila Monroe


Twitter: @lilawrites


Amazon page:


Warning: love on the rocks.

Sexy bourbon billionaire Hunter Knox hired me to turn around the failing family business, but I wound up losing him the company he loves. Now I have to make it right – which won’t be easy when he’s off the grid at a cabin in the woods, drinking himself into a sexy rugged stupor.

But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that Hunter is worth a shot. Or two. He better line them up, because after tonight, I’m never drinking again.


Hunter has been pushed out as CEO of his company and all Ally can do is blame herself. If she hadn’t got so drunk and vented to Chuck he wouldn’t have used what she said against her; but she wouldn’t have been so drunk in the first place if Hunter hadn’t been pretending to date her sister. He has lost the one thing he cares about and now all she can think about is trying to get it back, and hoping in the process getting him back aswell. She just has to find him first.

Hunter is off hiding in a log cabin licking his wounds and the last person he wants to see is Ally but she has other ideas. After seeing the disaster of an ad that the idiots at her office have come up with she knows she has to do something to get Hunter his company back before its too late. To say she doesn’t get a warm welcome would be putting it mildly but Ally is not one to give up that easily and will do whatever it takes to get through to him – getting him riled up might be just the thing.

After coming together on some common ground, and some tasty beer, Hunter admits that he was only taking it out on her as an excuse. He hates the fact that he has let his employees down and is ruining his family name. Ally just thinks that he needs to build something of his own and only after asking where he got the amazing beer from does she know just where to start. Hunter has been experimenting with bourbon beer for a while now and Ally knows that it would be a great product to sell if marketed the right way by the right person – her.

With working together so close like before the tension starts to build once more, it never really left. They want each other as much as ever but don’t know whether to risk starting something again when so much hangs in the balance. They need to let their hair down and have some fun while they can because when they do its electrifying.

Now they have the idea for bourbon beer its full steam ahead, they just have to get the money to back it, samples made, marketing projects up and running and all before the big liquor expo in Martinville – simple right? With Ally and Hunter at the helm together again it just might be.

Again I am still loving Ally’s inner thoughts, mainly when she is thinking of all the things she wants to do to Hunter when they are meant to be working – focus girl! Love that Chuck and the idiots Ally used to work for all get their comeuppance in the end and how Ally finally had it out with her mother – needed to happen to clear the air. Great ending to a great book, I loved this series from start to finish and would definitely recommend it. Few hours reading in the sunshine on a lazy Sunday afternoon – perfect!


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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