Book Review: ‘Wrecked’ by Franca Storm


Title: Wrecked (Fractured Magic)

Published: 8th September 2015

Author: Franca Storm


Twitter: @FrancaStorm


She’s supposed to be a mission—just the next sacrificial lamb in his century-long quest to rid himself of his duty. But when love takes hold, things are never simple….

All-powerful warlock, Finn Holt, is determined to succeed this time with the fifth Fated—the girl chosen to power his world and open the gate back home. After a century of failure, he believes River is finally one strong enough to allow him to fulfil his duty. But the price could be her life. And, this time, everything is different. For one thing, her power is immeasurable. The most shocking thing of all, though? She’s under his skin. Finn is a master of control, but as much as he tries to shake his growing feelings and desire for her, he can’t. Some inexplicable force won’t allow it. But is Finn prepared to give up the freedom he’s wanted for so long, for a love he never saw coming?

River Slater is sick of wasting away her life in a boring, dead-end town. The moment Finn walks into her grandmother’s occult store, all that changes. Before she knows it, she’s caught up in a world she’d never believed existed: a world of magic and danger. But, most of all, she’s caught up in Finn. Her attraction to him is unlike anything she’s ever felt for any man before. Intense. Passionate. Overwhelming. But she quickly learns that there’s more to Finn’s intentions than meets the eye. Can she truly trust him, or will the man who’s stolen her heart, end up betraying her in the most tragic way?


OMG I absolutely loved this book! A book full of all things magical – witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and vampire’s – make this one fun filled read. Once I had started I could not put it down – hooked from page one!

River is such a strong willed person who does what she says and doesn’t hold back. She has been passing the time in her hometown working at her grandmother’s occult shop – which she thinks is all just a fad. She doesn’t believe in magic, spells or anything paranormal (or know that she is in fact a sorceress) but that all changes the moment Finn walks into the shop. The first time River sees Finn all she can think about is that he is one muscled piece of all round goodness and when he turns round to shut the door she almost loses focus when confronted with the model worthy sculpted butt he has. But that’s nothing to what he makes her feel in his presence when he slowly stalks towards her. When he starts to talk she all but gets hypnotized by his sexy voice and dream worthy eyes. From the moment he walks in she is drawn to him she just doesn’t realise the journey that is about to start from the moment he walks out.

The only thing Finn is thinking about when he is confronted with River is that she is the next Fated. Someone who was born with one sole purpose, to cast a powerful spell to help fuel the magic of Finn’s home world. Every twenty-five years a reading spell is cast for him to be able to find the next Fated. For over a century Finn and his brother Ivan (a nasty piece of work just like their father Marcus who you are not sorry in the slightest about what happens to them throughout) have been honour bound in finding and using these women. Their power is the only thing that fuels their old world and the only way that the gate will open to be able to send them home after being banished. Only problem is that none of the previous women have been strong enough to it and the price paid has been their life.

Finn and Ivan are both warlocks of the dark arts but Finn took on more of his mothers teachings so can master the light aswell – which comes in handy. You can see the good in him from the start, you can tell that what he has to do is taking its toll on him and every time it happens he loses a little more of himself to guilt to what happens to the witches. He has learnt over the years to keep his fears and emotions very close to his chest and was fine with this until he meets River. Finn knows straight away that River is different, her power reading is off the charts, but the thing is that she knows nothing of magic or of what she really is. He is going to have to teach her about magic before getting her to do the spell, only problem is that the more time he spends with her the less he cares about the spell and the more he wants to claim her for his own.

Finn has to draw River to him, he never wants to just take the next Fated but make it seem like it was their choice to come to him and except their fate. This is the first moment where Finn can see just how much of an affect that River is having on him. He is meant to be in control of a dream he pulls her in to. To put the message in her mind to come to him but the moment she is there she takes control and when he asks what she wants and she says him he loses it. He has never felt his kind of connection to someone before and doesn’t know how to handle it.

From the moment that Finn and River get pulled together in a world turning to chaos around them you can feel the pull they have for one another. It’s a force that neither can really explain and a chemistry that becomes infectious. River has had her fare share of goes in the sack but nothing compares to when Finn touches her. Their magic comes alive and sort of has a mind of its own knowing how to please the other without even really thinking about it. River has one hell of a magically charged orgasm and is hoping they have many more. If only she can get through the barrier that Finn has put up around him to keep all his emotions so close to his chest. It’s a relationship of trust and only when they both feel it completely will they be able to take on the battle ahead and finally be free. But with Finn keeping what has happened to the Fated in the past from her and the constant threat of danger around every corner you just don’t know where they are going to be headed.

A story that flows seamlessly from one scene to the next and the more danger that they get into the more intriguing the book becomes – you are just compelled to keep reading to find out what could possibly happen next. You are constantly saying ‘No don’t let that happen’, ‘Please let them find a way out’, ‘OMG what else can they go through!’ and ‘Really need them to get together now before my kindle bursts into flames from the sexual tension’. The essence of who the characters are and what they go through is what helps build the foundation for such a great story. You can sense that River is going to be very powerful but she has no idea how to control it yet and that’s where Finn steps in. They are stronger together as a couple than they are apart, merging powers as one unit taking on the whole world – so world watch out because they are coming. Ends up being the ultimate fight between good and evil, the light and the dark. You are routing for them all the way, desperately wanting them the get their happy ending. A good helping of magic, fantasy, danger, erotic sex to keep you hooked from the start. Definitely a book worth checking out – first book I have read by France Storm but it won’t be my last.

Side note: Now Vince is a fabulous character, a vampire/warlock who starts off as a little bad (when you find out the reason why you can understand a bit more) and then comes out good. There could be another book in this as I think his past and future would make for a very interesting read.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review


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