Book Review: ‘Hooked on the Game’ by C.M. Owens


Title: Hooked on the Game

Published: 14th May 2014

Author: C.M Owens


Twitter: @cursetrilogyM



Everyone has secrets that define them, a past that has shaped them, and a game they play – whether they know it or not.

Despite the fact they live next door to each other, Kade and Raya have never made an effort to speak, until a wild party, four frat boys, and … a bulldozer.

Sterling Shore was supposed to be a new start for eighteen-year-old Raya Capperton. Everything was working out perfectly until her two roommates were expelled for a prank, leaving Raya with the house she couldn’t afford on her own. Fate intervenes before she has the chance to find a new home, but she struggles to decide if it’s divine luck or the devil’s cruel sense of humor.

Twenty-one-year-old Kade Colton has his life planned out, and everything he does is an elaborate game to aid him with his future endeavors. Coming from money has made Kade’s life easy, but he wants to build his own name – his own future. The thing he doesn’t realize… when you only put forth superficial effort, you only acquire superficial friends.

Raya is torn between being amused or disturbed by Kade and his philosophy, but the drive behind his determination isn’t what Raya expected. Little by little, her hatred fades and is replaced by emotions she never would have believed she could have for the rich jerk she desperately doesn’t want to care about. Too bad you can’t force yourself not to care.

The problem is… Kade’s shiny name can’t be tarnished, and Raya has a jaded tie she can’t cut loose. Nothing about them can work, nothing about them makes sense, but nothing can seem to stop them from trying.

*Not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen

** No cliffhanger

**New Adult Contemporary Romance

**Descriptive sex



Loved this book from start to finish – it just kept getting better and better. This one is just told through Raya’s perspective so it makes it that much more interesting while you are trying to figure out what Kade might be thinking.

Raya came to Sterling Shore for a fresh start, to go to a college in a town where no one would know her past and judge her for it. All was working out fine until her roommates decided to play a prank and get expelled. Now she has bills coming in and house she can’t afford on her own and to make matters worse the rich brat next door is having a party until the early hours again. Kade and his parties have been the bane of her existence for so long and now is no exception. Especially when four of the party goers decide to smash through her fence and then take a joy ride on a bull dozer ending right in her house. After almost being crushed to death Raya is out for some compensation. The frat boys might have been expelled for what they did but it was Kade’s party so she wants him to pay. Only problem is that he has a fancy lawyer and it looks like he is going to get off. That is until Kade’s father tells the judge of the perfect punishment – Raya will move in with Kade and everything he does from then on out will have to be okayed by her. With little option left – even though she hates him – she agrees to this. Now the real games can begin.

Raya really can’t get a feel for Kade. He seems like a complete bastard one moment and then completely turns around and does something nice. After finding out that her clothes got fiberglass in them his father demands Kade take her shopping. Its here she starts to see a change in him. While being fitted with a death trap – I mean corset – too tight Kade comes in to help her out of it. She might have been embarrassed but at the time she couldn’t breath. This is where Kade sees her bruises for the first time and it’s the first time you can see a crack in his armor – that and the first time he seems to notice her curves. You can tell he wants to do more than look and in that moment Raya is starting think that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

From his moment of kindness Raya barely sees Kade in the following weeks at home but after the grief she is getting at college from other students about why she might be living with him she is beginning to rethink whether she should stay at all. After a bit of a wake up call from Kade though – he has a swimming pool so you can guess what he does – she decides to stick it out. But the longer she stays the more she starts to get to know the real Kade – not the one he projects to the world – and it doesn’t take long for her to realize she might just be falling for him. But with a past like hers she can’t see it ever happening. Can the prince ever be with the con-mans daughter? In the end though when trouble strikes she might just be the one person who he needs the most.

I loved the back and forth between the two of them. The fact you don’t know what Kade is thinking makes it that much more interesting as you are trying to figure him out at the same time Raya is with how he acts or what he says. They go from hating each other to the best of friends, while both are secretly hoping that it could be more. The sexual tension between them is great and you just know that when they get together it is going to be explosive – which it is!

Thought this book was great. It’s got romance, comedy and a con thrown in for good measure – what’s not to love! But there are always two sides to every story and Kade finally gets his next in Kade’s Game.


5 out of 5 stars


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