Book Review: ‘Kade’s Game’ by C.M. Owens


Title: Kade’s Game

Published: 14th May 2014

Author: C.M Owens


Twitter: @cursetrilogyM



There are two sides to every story… Raya Capperton? She’s a stuck-up study worm with a chip on her shoulder, and now she’s living in my house. And she’s supposed to control what I do? All because four frat dicks ran over her house? Yeah. This is my father’s sick sense of humor, and he’s punishing me for something I had no part in. However, I never expected Raya to intrigue me. Sure, I expected her to turn me on. I mean, hell, she’s been running around in her panties next door all semester. How could I not get turned on? But there’s more to her than I realized, and now I’m inexplicably drawn to her, and I hate it as much as I love it. She doesn’t fit into my plan. In fact, she makes me forget I have a plan at all because of how hard she knocks me off balance. Life is a series of games and strategic maneuvers. Love shouldn’t be any different, right?


So there are always two sides to every story and finally we get to hear Kade’s and I have to say I loved it.

Ultimately this is the same story as Hooked on the Game with a few extra scenes added for what Kade was up to when ever he was away from Raya. Also good to get inside his head so you can see exactly how much Raya affects him. He’s hooked right from the start but has so many plans for the future he doesn’t know how to fit her in.

When he seems to do a 180 on the personality front while out getting new clothes for Raya it’s when you see a new side to him. First off he realises for the first time how attractive Raya is and how much a certain part of his anatomy is enjoying her company – especially when he sees her in the corset! This is also the moment he sees the bruises she has all over her body for the first time from the building collapsing on her. From this point on he feels the guilt of what happened to her and wants to do all he can to make it up to her – just without her really knowing about it.

When he starts to hear about the rumours that are surrounding Raya and very disturbing his father he decides he needs to put a stop to them so makes it seem as though they are dating – also by teaching a certain person a leason. Seems like the perfect way to get them to back off and if it means he has to stay close to her to make it believable then so be it. He also decides to throw a party so that the partygoers will start to relax and he is hoping Raya will too. When he sees her in her white dress though he almost wants to throw everyone out so he can have her to himself. While at the party the classic ‘Get Wet’ game begins and Kade sees this as the perfect way to cement the rumour about them dating. Rules of the game are that when the ‘Get Wet’ songs comes on you need to lock lips with the first guy you see and if you are without a partner then you will be thrown in the pool. As Raya is in a white dress he doesn’t want that to happen – well he does just with no one else around to see her in it. Every time the song comes on he makes it seem like they are doing what everyone else is doing and on more than one occasion he gets a little too close – accidentally of course. When the song comes on and he sees another guy about to kiss her he sees red and all but runs over to get to her in time to kiss her first. If he thought the mere idea of kissing her would be good he wasn’t prepared for what the real thing would taste like – one kiss and he’s hooked. This is the starting point for when Kade begins to think about how he might be able to have some kind of relationship with Raya. It’s also the point where we find out exactly what he was dreaming about in the morning while groping her in his sleep. Steamy dreams for what’s to come perhaps?

For some reason Kade thinks he needs to make it difficult to try and get Raya when in all reality he just needed to take her – she was his almost right from the start he just couldn’t see it. Everything comes to a head when they are in Aspen with his family for Christmas. He thinks it’s the perfect time to let her know how he feels but can’t believe it when he sees her out with Lyle – his ex’s brother. To say he sees red would be an understatement and you know that this is the moment when things are going to explode between them. The passion that has been boiling between them comes right to the surface and when he gets the answer he was hoping for he pounces on her – not that she minds.

From this point on they seem to just get closer and closer but Kade starts to panic about things going too fast. He knows he wants her but has so many plans for the future doesn’t know whether he can really have both. When tragedy strikes he has to decide what means more to him – his future alone or with the girl of his dreams – and whether he can have both.

The fact that we are inside Kade’s head means a few things are cleared up. For one thing we find out what asking where Star is means and why they seem to call Billy Bity and not act very nicely around him – very understandable though. Also you get to see what happened when Kade went off with Raya’s stepbrother – crazy! You really start to understand why she would have been so nervous about that happening. Fun going back to a story I loved but from a different perspective. These Sterling Shore boys seem to have a lot a heat cooking!


5 out of 5 stars


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