Book Review: ‘The Sterling Boys’ by C.M. Owens


Title: The Sterling Boys

Published: 15th May 2015

Author: C.M Owens


Twitter: @cursetrilogyM



Rain Noles – Who is Dane Sterling? He’s my Achilles heel and the one guy I never got over. My life hasn’t been simple or even easy. Most would believe that some of the things I’ve endured would overshadow the rejection of a high school love. Yet for some reason, Dane is still in my head. And now I’m moving back to Sterling Shore where he’ll be in my way. Dane Sterling – Rain Fucking Noles. Why me? I’ve avoided her and all mention of her since she moved and stopped giving a damn about me. Now she’s back, and I feel like an eighteen-year-old kid all over again. She’s always been the line between heaven and hell, but right now, I feel like that line has moved a little closer to hell. I just hope I can survive her this time.


I love the Sterling Shore series and this one doesn’t disappoint. Gets you hooked in to reading till you can’t stop. A very emotional read in some places and then counters it with lots of hot and heavy scenes in others – a great book.

Rain and Dane have been in love with each other since they met at thirteen only problem is that neither of them wanted to loose their friendship so stayed tight lipped with their feelings. At the age of eighteen Rain has to deal with the possibility of breast cancer. Knowing her mother and grandmother both died of it she it taking the precautions to stop it before it starts by having a preventative mastectomy. With her fear of not feeling normal and being scarred from the surgeries she asks Dane to take her virginity. He is the only one she can trust with it – even though she is best friends with the five hottest Sterling boys in town Dane, Kode, Dale, Corbin and Maverick. After a night that she can’t forget she decides to put her heart on the line and write a letter telling him how she feels and asking whether he can feel the same. After getting no response from Dane about the letter she slowly starts to push him away thinking he doesn’t really care, only problem is that Dane never got the letter so he sees it as her fading away from him because of what happened. But a lot can change in six years as both soon find out.

Rain is a writer who has lost her muse so she thinks coming back to Sterling Shore will give her the boost she needs, she just hopes to not bump into Dane while she is there. Bit difficult when her closest friends are his brother and cousins and they want to get the group back together as it was – well maybe not all of them for the same reasons. Even though she is close to her friends she still keeps them in the dark about another reason she is home and ends up going through an operation on her own. After getting the wrong medication prescribed she ends up in such a state that her sister – who she doesn’t see eye to eye with – drags Dane out of his house at one in the morning to get her help. From this point on Dane is determined to stick to her like glue until she is better. Six years is long enough to hold out from their friendship and now Rain has come back in Sterling Shore Dane knows he will do anything to get back what they had – or maybe more.

Emotions run high throughout this one as both of them want to bring up why they thought the other pushed them aside. As old feelings come back to the surface thought they need to decide if the past should stay where it is and look forward to a future they could have together. All the built up sexual tension comes to the surface while playing a little game with tequila and once Dane has her in his bed again he never wants to let her go – not that she really wants to be anywhere else. But when the real reason behind the letter comes to light loyalties will be tested and with Rain always thinking about what’s best for everyone but herself she may end up making the biggest mistake of all.

All could have turned out differently between Rain and Dane if they both weren’t so stubborn. They just needed to talk to each other and then they might have not wasted six years apart but then things happen for a reason and it worked out in the end. Rain and Dane are a perfect match and I loved how the book checks back in with the characters from the others in series so you see it as a whole little world – introducing you to new and interesting characters as well which is cool, can’t wait for the rest of Rain’s Sterling Boys to get their girl. Also gives you a sneak peek at the next in series and now I’m chomping at the bit till I get it. Kode and Tria’s story is going to be hot hot hot 🙂


5 out of 5 stars


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