Book Review: ‘Loving War’ by C.M. Owens


Title: Loving War

Published: 18th December 2014

Author: C.M Owens


Twitter: @cursetrilogyM



Tria Noles and Kode Sterling are a match made in hell, and no one will deny that.

They’ve hated each other for years. Kode Sterling is the jerk who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Tria Noles hides under a cold façade to appear strong and confident. There’s no possible way they could be anything together besides a volatile disaster.

But when their chemistry overrides their logic, they have no choice but to face their twisted attraction to each other. When that attraction refuses to fade, what started off as physical turns into something neither of them expected—or wanted.

Tria has spent most of her life living in her sister’s shadow, and it’s no secret that Kode was once one of the many who adored Rain Noles. It’s hard for her not to keep her guard up, because she doesn’t want to feel overlooked once again.

Kode starts to realize he might have been chasing the wrong Noles girl all these years. And there’s a lot he did wrong in the past when chasing Rain that could jeopardize any future he has with Tria.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, just as there is a thin line between success and disaster.


OMG I absolutely loved this book. Might actually be my favourite of the Sterling Shore series so far. Counts towards my 2015 Reading Challenge aswell – A book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet. After reading the preview chapter at the end of The Sterling Boys I could feel myself chopping at the bit until it was released. Kode and Tria’s relationship starts off hot and just gets hotter.

To say Kode and Tria have hated each other for years would be an understatement. Kode being one of Rain’s ‘Sterling Boys’ would always jump right in to make Tria’s life hell if she so much as looked at her sister wrong. While being pushed aside for so many years with the ‘ideal’ sister to always be compared to you can see where Tria would get her resentment from and her hate for Kode. She knows that he longs to torment her at every opportunity – even now when she has finally started to get on better terms with her sister.

In a spur of the moment decision she decides to go out away from Sterling Shore to see if she can get some attention for her and not just someone using her to look around to get to her sister. With her new dark locks she starts to feel like her own person and not compared to her sister. While sitting at the bar she hears the words that make her blood run cold – Sterling. After asking for a new drink to be added to a tab the barman mentions what tab it needs to go to – the one she prays it doesn’t – Kode. Now she just has to figure out a way to get out without him noticing and tormenting her. Bit difficult to do when he slides in right behind her. The moment he starts flirting Tria knows he must not recognize her but now thinks he will torment for a whole new reason when he does.

Kode needs to get out of his own head and forget about his feelings for Rain and what he did with that letter – she belongs with Dane and he needs to get over it. Coming to a bar away from Sterling Shore with his cousins Corbin and Maverick was meant to help but he knows he needs a bit more than that and he sees just what he needs sitting at the bar. A brunette beauty from behind sitting by herself that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Because of this he knows she must be a stunner from the front so decides to make a move. He gets the shock of his life though after sliding in behind her when she turns round and he sees that its Tria. Kode doesn’t know what he is more shocked at, the fact that it’s Tria or that he’s still hard knowing it’s her – talk about a mind flip.

Tria almost cheers in joy when Raya turns up, she knows Kode won’t torment her in front of Raya for fear it would get back to Rain but this is short lived as Kode just follows after her to the pool table. He asks for just one game and even though she knows it can only end badly for her she agrees – she just didn’t realize he would get so handsy while playing. The more they touch the more Kode thinks he has gone insane and he knows if he doesn’t have her soon he will go mad. Tria tries to deny the chemistry at first but can’t hold out for long and they end up back at her hotel across the street. Kode thinks she is too drunk to try something with her but the moment he sees where she gets the keycard from he can’t stop himself – something neither of them mind one bit about. After a night with the devil Tria doesn’t know how to act around him and just hopes that he doesn’t realize he was with her. While at a party a week later with him ignoring her she can’t help but be glad – and a little downhearted aswell – but its for the best. That is until Kode sees her talking to a guy while they are all in Vegas the following week and he goes into caveman mode pushing her into the pool to get her away from the guy.

From this point on they decide to just use each other like they both seem to really want (and need) to. Their ‘casual whatever’ takes a big step forward though when Kode steps in to keep her safe from her psycho ex Pete by getting her to move in with him. The more time they spend together the more they find they have in common. They show a side to themselves that they only share with each other. Kode soon starts to see this turning into a real relationship but can’t help but think that the secret he carries about the letter could ultimately tear them apart. With emotions running high, ex’s to deal with and the hottest chemistry around this in one exciting ride to be on.

In the end you hope that Kode finally realizes that he was focusing on the wrong Noles sister all along and will see the light by picking the right one for him forever bringing her out of the shadow she has lived in behind her sister. Loved the club scene between them at the start and even more the one at the end. They’re just perfect for each other.

Loved also how all the characters are connected and that you keep getting snippets on what’s going on with them. Would recommend that you read the series in order otherwise you might not get some of the references. Now I’ve just read the preview at the end of it and can’t wait to get stuck into Brin and Rye’s story in Breaking Even, its going to be hilarious. This series just gets better and better 🙂


5 out of 5 stars

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