Book Review: ‘Breaking Even’ by C.M. Owens

Breaking Even cover

Title: Breaking Even

Published: 3rd January 2015

Author: C.M Owens


Twitter: @cursetrilogyM



What happens when one neighbor pisses off the other? They end up in a brutal prank war, of course. But neither of them expects what happens when they can’t break even.

Rye Clanton

I told myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t—couldn’t—fall in love. I’ve seen what happens, the things they don’t tell you in fairytales. But I never saw Brin Waters coming until she had thoroughly invaded my life. Until her, I never laughed, joked, or even knew how to have a good time. Until her, I just existed. If my secrets weren’t so dark… But they are.

Brin Waters

How the hell do you go from hating someone to loving them? I don’t know, but Rye Clanton is good at it. However, he’s a walking contradiction that I can’t figure out, an enigma that has stumped me more times than I can count. But he’s the first person that’s ever made me feel alive—free. How do you give something like that up? Is loving him worth the risk of being destroyed?


She has done it again – another great book. This one definitely counts as another off my 2015 Reading Challenge for a ‘Funny book’. I laughed out loud so much throughout this book.

Brin has had enough of her neighbour parking on her side of the street and blocking her in when he has a space on his side, she decides to goes over and demand he move his car. Having him answer the door in only his boxers is only a slight distraction (tattoos, piercings, muscles to die for, oh and an early morning soldier will do that to a girl!) for her before demanding he move his car. After getting a snide cocky no from him she kind of snaps (it was a bad day before she even saw his car and this just made it a lot worse) and ends up ramming her car in reverse to crush his out of the way. After the adrenaline high has worn off she starts to worry about what he might do – sue her, get her arrested – what she doesn’t count on is a battle of wits and schemes that begins a prank war.

After seeing his crazy neighbour crush the front of his car Rye is some what pissed but instead of getting her in trouble he decides to get her back in another way. But after a prank in return to counter the car he thinks they are even but this is just the start of what’s to come. What follows is a mass of pranks back and forth with them trying to up one another still without knowing the others name. Glitter in car vents, blue dye exploding from fridges, ketchup bombs, spiders and snakes left in the house – the list is endless and just keeps getting funnier and funnier the more you read. You can tell that they are both loving scheming up pranks and that it ends up being the most fun part of their day.

When they get set up on a blind date together the fun just continues. What starts out as a fun friendship turns in to more but Rye tries to fight it, which just confuses Brin no end. After making her feel bad about who she is Rye can’t help but follow his instincts as he doesn’t want to lose her so ends up pouncing on her instead. Not that she minds as they end up having a very fun day at his house christening at lot of places within. He tells her right from the start that he is not looking for a relationship and that they would only be able to have fun. Brin wants to finally have a bit of fun for once so agrees with his terms even though she knows she will get hurt in the long run – she lies so she can just have him for a little while.

The closer they get the more chemistry that explodes between them. It’s only Rye holding back that makes it hard for a real relationship to evolve. He is so contradictory with his actions towards Brin. He says he wants to just be casual but can’t seem to stay away from her unless he makes himself. Until he opens up completely about his past and forgives himself they can’t be together for real. When he finally does at the end it is heart breaking what he went through, so moving. You can see why he has been the way he is but also how he can come out the other side of it. They are stronger together and feel most like themselves when they are.

Well worth a read but best that you read the series in order as characters from other books are mentioned throughout which I love. You get a very funny round up of a few of the couples having problems. Very funny drunken night at Brins where every answer Rye gives from the male perspective gets him shot down as quick as he mentions it, much to Brins amusement (glad they get everything sorted though and very funny how they do).

On to Wren and Allie’s story next and can’t wait for Corbin’s – now that one should be interesting 🙂


5 out of 5 stars


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