Book Review: ‘A Redo’ by C.M Owens

A Redo cover

Title: A Redo

Published: 24th May 2015

Author: C.M Owens


Twitter: @cursetrilogyM



Allie Thrash

Wren Prize is the asshole who got me pregnant seven years ago. And gave me a false name. And walked out of the hotel without a backward glance. Sure, I know I wanted to have sex just as much as he did, but I didn’t want to be tossed aside like garbage the second it was done. I also wasn’t planning to get pregnant. Now, after seven years of hating the jerk, I’m living in his city, because it’s a small world and I found him by accident. Yes, I realize how crazy that must sound, but my luck is just that bad. The problem is, the Wren Prize of today is not the Wren Prize I’ve envisioned castrating all this time. And I hate that I can’t hate him the way he deserves to be hated. In fact, I’m terrified I might just be stupid enough to be falling for him.

Wren Prize

A daughter. I have a daughter. And I’ve missed over six years of her life because I decided to go for the world’s biggest jerk award. I’m supposed to be the cool-headed one, the mature one, the one everyone goes to for advice. Yet I’m the one who fucked up the most. Sadly, I don’t even remember that night. Too much fun, too much sun, and way too much booze. It’s hard to ask for a second chance when you don’t even remember the first chance you had. And every time I’m around Allie, even when she’s casting me glares that prove she wants me dead, I can’t help but wonder what that night was like. Well, what it was like before I ruined her.


To say that the Sterling Shore series isn’t addictive would be like saying the world isn’t round. Once you start this series you will be hooked from the start and loving it and Wrens and Allie’s story in A Redo is no exception.

When you find out that Wren is a father in Breaking Even and that he has missed out on six years of her life because of one very drunken night where he acted like a complete jerk you almost can’t believe it. Wren has always been so reserved, always the one to give the best advice even when his own love life wasn’t going as he had hoped. He stuck it out with Erica for all the wrong reasons and you are fist bumping the air when you find out that they get divorced. I mean when a women sleeps with her fiancés brother the night before her wedding it is a cause for concern. After getting rid of one woman who gives him a headache just thinking about her he has been landed with two more who will change his life completely. When Wren bumps into Allie at the grocery store he has no clue who she is, other than a very attractive woman. When she tells him that they met seven years ago he makes a comment about how he must have been memorable for her to remember him. When she tells him giving her a daughter would be quite memorable you can see why he would almost pass out on the floor. From this point on Wren will jump through any and all hoops that Allie puts in front of him if it gets him closer to his daughter. Only problem is that the closer he gets the more he starts to see Allie in a different light and wishing he could remember the night they spent together.

Allie went wild once in her life on a holiday with her best friend Bella and ended up pregnant. From the way Wren acted with her after the deed was done you can understand why she would hate his guts – even more so when she realises that he doesn’t even remember her. From a night full of regret she gets the greatest gift though and wouldn’t change it for the world. After finding out the real name of the guy who knocked her up she moves to Sterling Shore to try and find him as their daughter Angel deserves to know her father – whether she wants to see him or not. Only issue that has been causing her a bit of grief is that fact that he is still the sexist guy she has ever seen and if he takes his shirt off one more time in front of her she may do something that she would regret.

Once again we have a fun changing room scene in this book and it’s where you start to see the cracks in Wren’s armour with what Allie is doing to him. Opening the changing room door in just your underwear would make any guy want to jump you. Tag is the one who seems to be enjoying Wren’s behaviour change the most; he wants to see Wren crack. Which he well and truly does when his brother Billy yet again tries to mess with something he really shouldn’t. A spark that definitely gets Wren to all but pounce on Allie – not that she minds one bit. They both know that starting a relationship with each other could end badly as they have to factor Angel into it but neither can seem to stay away from each other after just one touch. But with ex’s from the past just waiting to cause trouble and Allie being so guarded about how she feels Wren will need to pull out all the stops if he wants to get the family he wants forever.

This book felt a little longer than the others and I think it was because all of the characters from the other books made an appearance and one storyline cross over had a key part to play in this ones ending. I do love hearing about the escapades of Corbin and Maverick just because I think it is going to be so funny when they finally meet their match. Although I think Corbin already has met his match with Ruby. The fact that he goes from a womaniser to a hermit the moment she is in town makes you wonder just what their back story really is and I can’t wait to get stuck into it. Also I loved Allie’s best friend Bella, some of their scenes together had me in stitches and I can’t wait for her book.

I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite on going series and I can’t wait for the rest of them to come out. When they all are finally out I think I will take a week off work just so I can re-read the series back to back leading to the final one which will show the wedding that true fans of the series have been waiting for. I cannot wait!


5 out of 5 stars


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