Book Review: ‘To Tempt a Thief 1’ by Sylvia Pierce

To Tempt a Thief Bared to the Billionaire 1

Title: To Tempt a Thief 1 (The Billionaire and the Thief) now called Bared to the Billionaire 1

Published: 24th May 2015

Author: Sylvia Pierce


Twitter: @xosylviapierce


Temptation can be deadly.

For art thief Arianne Holbrook, discretion isn’t just a job requirement—it’s what keeps her alive. So when a hot, mysterious Brit catches her red-handed at an exclusive auction in New York, she’s got one shot at saving her cover: seduction.

Too bad his masterful touch leaves her aching to be tamed, again and again.

In the boardroom or the bedroom, billionaire social media tycoon Jared Blackwell is always in control, and commanding the devious brunette’s dark pleasure is no exception. But behind that dirty mouth, his submissive little cat burglar hides dangerous secrets.

Secrets another man would kill to protect.

Jared thrives on high-risk ventures. But when it comes to love, does this dominant alpha have what it takes to tempt a thief?

** Cliffhanger alert! ** Admit it: just like Arianne, you like being teased! To Tempt a Thief is a 4-part serialized romance series designed to leave you begging for the ultimate climax. The complete series is now available and should be read in order for maximum panty-melting enjoyment.


Sinfully, smouldering, smoking hot!! At moments you might need to fan yourself down.

Captivated right from the beginning and once I started I knew I’d be hooked with this series. Interesting characters, fun environments they find themselves in, some of the hottest sex scenes I have read in a while and the whole time feeling somewhat very believable with how they act with each other. Even after only knowing each other for a such a short time. They both want to escape from who they are and be the ‘real’ them for a change instead of the persona that they show to the rest of the world. They have only one rule – no names. The moment they know them the fantasy they have created with each other will break and that’s the last thing that either of them really want.

Ari has been thrown into a life that she really doesn’t want anymore. After being raised by a thief there really was little choice about what line of work she would go into when she grew up. After a heist that went wrong ended in her fathers’ death – due to a supposed double cross – she now is pretty much owned by her fathers’ old crew. There isn’t much love loss between them but she knows that there is little choice for her in what she does. Her latest ‘job’ is to go to an art auction and scope out the place to see if there would be anything worth having. After being to so many of these before little surprises her but when a seductively, mouth watering distraction meets her at the bar she wonders what it would be like to just be herself for a change and take something for her – enter her mysterious Brit.

Jared has come to the art auction for one reason – to acquire a certain painting – but when he spots a beauty at the bar he wants to acquire something else entirely. After having an interesting interaction at the bar and some fun with bidding at the auction he knows there is more to her than meets the eye. When he catches her red-handed somewhere she shouldn’t be her knows his assumptions were correct. But when she turns her charms to full on seduction he soon no longer cares what she was up to as long as he can have her now.

When her mysterious Brit catches Ari red-handed while she was checking out what could potentially be taken from the property Ari does the only logically thing she can think of – kiss him. She just didn’t bank on him being so good and wanting a hell of a lot more than a kiss. All I can say is, what fun you can have in a closet! After a night of fun Ari doesn’t think she will ever see him again but when her boss gets wind of how much someone paid for a painting at the auction he wants her to investigate. Which only ends up bringing her that much closer to what she really wants but doesn’t think she should ever have.

Favourite quote “If you think for one minute I’d share you with another man, love, you’re sorely mistaken”.

You have an aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh moment at the end as it’s got a cliffhanger – just makes you crave the next instalment that much more. Can’t wait to see what Ari and Jared get up to next!


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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