Book Review: ‘Beautiful Surrender’ by Priscilla West

Beautiful Surrender

Title: Beautiful Surrender

Published: 7th December 2013

Author: Priscilla West


Twitter: @priscillawest15



An Erotic Romance Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Priscilla West

“What gives you a thrill Kristen?”

The conclusion to the Surrender Series by Priscilla West.

No one is who they seem to be.

I let Vincent into my heart because he seemed so different from everyone in my conservative world of wealth management. I thought we shared something special, but Vincent has been playing me this entire time.

As our relationship reaches a crisis point, a man from my past returns looking for a second chance. Is my ex really looking for redemption or is his goal something more sinister?

I try my best to hold it all together, until I discover a revelation that will change everything.


So finally we get to see what Kristen’s past was like. After the cliff hanger of Secret Surrender I thought Beautiful Surrender would start where it left off but instead we go back in time to when Kristen first met her ex Marty. Really like this as it gives you an insight as to what happened and why she would be so scared of him coming back on the scene. Definitely brining a bit more drama to the book that I felt Secret Surrender lacked a bit.

After getting an insight into Kristen’s past with her ex Marty you are thrown right back to the present where Secret Surrender left off. Marty standing at her door, thank god she left the chain on! To begin with he seems really genuine in his reasons for being there but you get the underlying feeling that something is just not right with him. When he leans through the door, almost touching Kristen, he gets a shock though as her neighbours suddenly go Rambo on his arse. Turns out that they are the hired guards she specifically told Vincent she didn’t want or need. After reeling from seeing the text message on Vincent’s phone from his ex she feels shocked at how glad she is to see him. That is until he starts beating the hell out of Marty. She has never seen this side to him before and she has to admit to herself that she is a bit scared. Even though she knows he would never hurt her, it has made her question the fact that she still really doesn’t know him that well at all.

After Marty gets taken away Kristen remembers why she was so mad at him. She lays right into him about the fact she knows he cheated – or did he! Well no he didn’t, turns out that the message was actually in reference to the name of his new surfboard called shuttlecock. But hey if you read a message on your boyfriends phone from his ex saying she had fun riding his cock I’m sure you would react the same way. At least her friend can almost make her see the funny side to it later that night.

After the intense fights that they have had – misread text message and hiring guards didn’t go down well – Kristen thinks that they should take a step back. She only manages to hold out for like a second before she is back in Vincent’s arms though. Their relationship is hot and steamy and going full speed ahead whether they like it or not – maybe even a little faster than they can handle.

I liked that not only we saw a different more innocent side to what Kristen was like and how she has changed and grown but that you also got a chance to see Vincent in a different light aswell when he was around his sister and her family. Seeing Vincent in a family setting showing how much he loves his nephew and with him making more of an effort to be with her, and not be away on business so much, just makes Kristen fall for him even more. But with a crazy ex out there looking for revenge just waiting for the right moment to strike you have to wonder whether they will ever get their HEA.

Drama reaches crisis point in the big finale between Kristen, Vincent and Marty but it did feel a little rushed. As did the scenes and extra storyline added into the mix at this point. Kristen didn’t really have a handle on what to do in her situation and her characterisation at this point felt a little off. You felt the need to shout at Kristen at one point to get her to remember what Vincent brought her to protect herself with – hello taser gun and pepper spray! All in all I now think that the series would have felt stronger and had a bit more of an impact if it had been one big novel and if the endings extra storyline had been developed a little more. It was pretty clear after a while how the story would play out but it was an interesting light read nevertheless. Well who doesn’t love a billionaire playboy turn boyfriend romance!


3.5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Net Galley for my honest review.

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