2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge

2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge

Row One: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A book that became a movieThe Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book with a number in the titleBared to the Billionaire 3 by Sylvia Pierce check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book with a beautiful coverDaughter of the Sun (Cult of the Cat Book 1) by Zoe Kalo check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book set in high schoolIn His Custody by Fiona Archer (part of Cuffed & Claimed Box Set) check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A westernCapturing the Cowboy’s Heart by Lindsey Brookes (not quite a western but its got a cowboy so I’m counting it) check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Two: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A book with a place in the titleVasa and Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum by J.B Chisholm check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book with a persons name in the titleFalling for Sarah by Cate Beauman check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book from your Goodreads ‘to-read’ listBadass in My Bed #2 by Rae Lynn Blaise check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book you own but have never readThe Missing One by Liz Lovelock check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book with weather in the titleStorm (Ashes & Embers Book 1) by Carian Cole check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Three: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A book set in your current town or regionWild Designs by Katie Fforde check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book with an animal on the coverBearly Ever by Olivia Gayle check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book by an author who uses initials in their pen namePerfectly Toxic (The Sterling Shore Series Book 9) by C.M. Owens check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book that would make a good movie or TV seriesGrasping Air (Flipped #2) for a TV series by Carrie Aarons check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book by a local authorSummer of Love by Katie Fforde check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Four: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A paranormal bookWhen Lightning Strikes by Kathleen Rovner check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book set somewhere you want to travelA Veil of Glass and Rain: Special Edition (A Touch of Cinnamon #1) by Petra March check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book published this yearCraving my Best Friends Dad by Ava Sterling check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book set at Christmas timeFinding Charity by Jody Pardo check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book from a series you loveIdentical Disaster by C.M. Owens check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Five: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A TrilogyThe Intervention Series by Hilary Darth check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book that has over 500 pages – Naughty Haunts by The Naughty Literati (with the font I used on kindle it came to over 500 so I’m counting it) check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book with a colour in the titleRed Card by Carrie Aarons check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book with a one word titleVintage by Xavier Neal check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book with non-human characters – An Alphas Kiss Untamed by Evelyn Glass check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Six: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A collection of anthologiesHybrid Mates: The Complete Series by Nicole Austin check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book by an author you love but haven’t read yetBared to the Billionaire 2 by Sylvia Pierce check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book with water on the coverDark Water by Jan Ruth check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book you can finish in a dayHearts Revenge by Cole Jaimes check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book with magicBe Careful What You Witch For by Thomas Hoobler check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Seven: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. The third book in a seriesBadass in My Bed #3 by Rae Lynn Blaise check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book a friend recommended – Perv (Filth Book 1) by Dakota Gray check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book your mum loves – Secret Father by Suz deMello check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A mystery or detective novelFear Dreams by J.A. Schneider check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book that made you laugh out loudMagnificent Bastard by Lili Valente check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Eight: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A book that has a castle in it – Vampire Cursed by Rachel Carrington check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book about musicFalling Down (Rockstar Book 1) by Anne Mercier check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book set in a different country – The Playboys Convenient Bride by Kristin Frasier and Haylee Delane check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book set in the futureStormblaze by Kate Bonham check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book you didn’t want to put downBared to the Billionaire 4 by Sylvia Pierce check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Nine: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A book by an author new to youFree Booze Tonight by Chuck Freadhoff check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A Harlequin novelThe Harlot by Saskia Walker check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book published in 2015Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction #3) by J. Daniels check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A book about Sci-fiWyvern’s Mate by Deborha Cooke check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A short storyHis First Human Doll by Ava Sterling check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Ten: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A book by a female authorThe Closest Thing To Ok by Cristy Rey check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book with action and adventure in itCogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A historical romance – The Crusader’s Bride by Claire Delacroix check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. A contemporary romanceRugged by Lila Monroe check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book with a pirate in it – Captured by the Pirate Laird by Amy Jarecki check_15-20110903141426-00023

Row Eleven: 5/5 – row complete check_15-20110903141426-00023

  1. A book under 200 pagesStar: A Stepbrother Romance by Elliott Kane and Davida Lynn check_15-20110903141426-00023
  2. A book based on a fairytaleThe Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith check_15-20110903141426-00023
  3. A book that takes place in the summerFame by Lauren K. McKellar check_15-20110903141426-00023
  4. An erotica romanceBad Boy Valentine by Sylvia Pierce check_15-20110903141426-00023
  5. A book about a curse or prophecy – The Renegade’s Heart by Claire Delacroix check_15-20110903141426-00023


55 books in total to read – let’s get cracking!

With a day to go I have finally completed my Bookworm Bingo Challenge 🙂