Book Review: ‘Ghostwriter: An Erotic Thriller’ by Kiara Delaney


Title: Ghostwriter: An Erotic Thriller (Shattered Pieces Series Book 1)

Published: 31st August 2015

Author: Kiara Delaney


Twitter: @crave_kiara


When Devon Bradford was contracted to ghostwrite the autobiography of Nina Petrov, he didn’t expect to be consumed by her from the get-go. He simply wanted to jump start his career, and be on his way. But that was easier said than done once Nina had quickly embedded herself under Devon’s skin.

Though Nina and Devon shared an undeniable attraction, there was just something about Nina that Devon couldn’t quite put his finger on- something lurking beneath the surface, a puzzle he desperately wanted to solve.

Nina Petrov was hiding something that was far greater than her desire for Devon, and her inner demons threatened to destroy them both.

Would Devon be able to chip away at Nina’s defenses? Or would her haunted past end up breaking down his own?





OMG what did I just read! Talk about mind flip. You go along for so long thinking you know what the story is all about and then you get thrown one hell of a curve ball.

The story is told in first person from Devon’s perspective to begin with. He has been hired to be the ghostwriter for Nina’s book about her life by her father. One of the many problems Devon faces is that Nina has no desire to do a book about her life. She just sees this as another way for her father to control her, like he has always done. To say that they get off to a bad start would be putting it mildly. To begin with Devon doesn’t know whether there might actually be something wrong with Nina. Her moods can flip as quickly as blinking and he is constantly trying to keep up. He went there looking for his break as a writer, not expecting to fall for his subject. Nina gets under his skin so fast that it feels like she has always been there – but nothing is ever quite as it seems.

It seems like Nina has always fallen for the wrong men. In her eyes she lets them in, falls in love and then they leave her. She has been hurt so many times before that when Devon tries to show her that he is different she tries everything to push him away. Her thinking is that it won’t hurt as much if she doesn’t let him get too close to begin with. She does want him to stay with her though. She finally feels a bit more like herself with him there but she knows he will eventually leave so she does everything she can think of to push him away first. Then in her mind she can say ‘I told you so’ about him leaving. Her mistake is that she doesn’t realise just how stubborn Devon is – he has no intention of giving her up without one hell of a fight. She just doesn’t realise how quick she has gotten under his skin – like he has gotten under hers – to the point that he doesn’t want to ever leave her.

No matter her moods Devon tries to focus her towards doing the book, at first, however when they start to spend more time together he sees it more as an add on to spend more time with her. He uses it as a way to get to know the real Nina and not the spoiled brat that we are introduced to in the beginning. Her character can come off as a bit annoying in the beginning but I urged you to continue through because when she opens up about her past you can see why she is like she is. You just have to wonder how far she can really push Devon before he will finally say enough is enough. At the end of the day if that happens she will only have herself to blame.

The ending is just genius, completely flips the story on its head, making you question everything you have read so far. You will be asking yourself ‘what was real?’ I think that Kiara Delaney is the queen of twists that you will never see coming – just brilliant.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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