Book Review: ‘Snowed In with the Bad Boy’ by Sylvia Pierce


Title: Snowed In with the Bad Boy

Published: 6th December 2015

Author: Sylvia Pierce


Twitter: @xosylviapierce


“Santa lost my address a long time ago, Cupcake. The only present you’re getting tonight is my face between your thighs.”

Former black ops mercenary Ronan Steel doesn’t do Christmas—not anymore. And he abso-f*ckin-lutely doesn’t do damsels in distress, banging on his door in the middle of a blizzard. Give her a ride? Hell, no. With her big blue eyes, innocent smile, and f*ck-me-senseless elf costume, that girl is nothing but trouble.

Sweet, sexy trouble that leaves him aching for a taste of what’s hidden under those candy-cane-striped tights…

Georgie Taylor will not miss another Taylor family Christmas—not after last year’s disaster, and especially not after shelling out $500 for the perfect elf costume. But a freak storm puts her holiday travel plans on ice, leaving her stranded at the secluded mountain cabin of a cocky, sexy-as-sin recluse who makes Scrooge look like a fuzzy pink teddy bear.

If only his filthy mouth didn’t make her so hot…

As the blizzard rages on, all Ronan wants for Christmas is to f*ck that good-girl smile right off Georgie’s face. And all Georgie wants is to punch Ronan in the snowballs… until he pins her down and gives her a full-blown Christmas miracle right there on the kitchen table…

High in the Colorado Rockies, cabin fever has never been hotter. But when Christmas morning dawns, what does Santa have in store for the naughty bad boy and his nice little elf?

** A sexy, standalone Christmas novella with an HFN and no cliffhanger! **


When a bout of bad luck turns into something so good! You will want to skid sideways into a snow bank too if it then gets you face to face with Ronan. Smouldering hot doesn’t quite seem to do him justice.

Georgie is on a mission to get home for Christmas to surprise her family and nothing is going to stop her. Not even the hotter then hell man candy that tells her she’s going nowhere but inside his place. Well when you are in an elf costume, cold and wet caught in a snowstorm you do have to sometimes listen to someone else’s advice – even if its something you don’t want to hear.

Georgie expects Ronan to be just as excited about Christmas as she is – cookies and coco please – so she is a little shocked that he isn’t and has no Christmas themed food or drink supplies. Also that he is acting like a complete ass that seems to make fun of her obsession with Christmas. She has gone through a lot in her life with one illness after another so she is not going to take any of his crap, no matter how good looking he is.

Ronan has given up on Christmas, thinking that Santa forgot his address a while ago. After the death of his mother and sister he has hidden away from the world with only his dog Bella for comfort. From the moment he meets Georgie – his cupcake – he gets the feeling that nothing will be the same again. She is so head strong and stubborn that given half the chance she would walk through the snow just to get to her family – something he might want to remember. He wants her right from the start – sexy elf costume will do that – so gives her fare warning that if she starts and then continues to flirt with him it will end in only one way – with her on her back screaming his name.

Georgie is thinking only about living for the moment and while being stuck in a snowstorm she can think of now better way to live for the moment than by taking Ronan for her own. When they come together they are pretty electric. You may need to fan yourself down. You can tell it has been a while for both of them as once they start they can’t seem to get enough of each other. They have one hell of a night together but when tomorrow comes how will they part. From one night together they have saved each other in more ways than one. They have gotten under each other’s skins and it seems like fate put them in each other’s paths. They just have to decide if they want to listen to it or not.

Love this author’s style of writing and even though it is only a short story you get the feeling that you could rejoin them later down the line to see what sexy fun they have gotten up to. Hot hot hot!


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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