Book Review: ‘His First Human Doll’ by Ava Sterling

His First Human Doll

Title: His First Human Doll

Published: 6th December 2015

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


Ever since Lisa found taboo videos online, she’s been coming up with fantasies to try out with Kyle. It’s now to the point where Kyle dreads the next wild idea. To him, some of them are downright strange.

One day, she comes up with the idea of being his human doll. It started out innocently enough, but now it’s nearly an obsession. Every day he expects her to bring it up again. When she eventually springs it on him, Kyle discovers there’s more to it than he previously thought.


First book to mark off my own 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge board – A Short Story.

Lisa has been wanting to be more adventurous in the bedroom with boyfriend Kyle for a while now and keeps coming up with new and interesting ways to do it but her latest idea has Kyle thinking she has gone a step too far. She wants to play the part of a human doll and for him to have complete control over her and anything he wants to do to her. He says he will think about it but Lisa doesn’t give him the chance. The next day she just puts herself in a box, leaves a delivery note for him to find and waits outside the front door for him to bring her in – not that he knows it’s her in the box to begin with.

Interesting to have the story told majority from the guys’ perspective. Kyle has been pushed into playing a role he wasn’t sure he wanted to be a part of but it doesn’t take him long for his curiosity to win out and the fun to begin.

For Lisa I think the part of playing a human doll is about escapism and maybe used as a way to try something that she wasn’t sure she wanted to ask for. If she gives up control then she doesn’t have to ask for it directly. Though I think that on some level she knew what Kyle might be tempted to do, so that could have been a bit of a motivation for her. Things start to heat up very quickly between them, both taking their roles very seriously to help get the other off.

Hats off to her playing the role of ‘doll’ though, you can tell Kyle is as impressed with her commitment as the reader is – that wall must have had something really interesting on it to keep her focus!

Role playing games are always interesting reads and most tend to be about one person surrendering control to their partner, knowing that they will be taken care of. Kyle wasn’t really sure about her acting in this way but if she can hold to her character then he feels he should oblige her by having some fun and seeing what she will let him get away with. I bet all Lisa was worrying about that day was the weather and when Kyle would wake up, but even then I think she would have still stayed in that box until he found her. It’s the best present Kyle has gotten from her and the fact she is letting him get away with quite a lot of things he wouldn’t usually get away with makes it that much more a better day for him, and in turn for her aswell I think.

Another fun, quirky, short read to get wrapped up in. One that you could go back to down the road to see what else Lisa would let Kyle get away with when she is in the role of his human doll.


4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.

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One response to “Book Review: ‘His First Human Doll’ by Ava Sterling

  1. augustmacgregor

    Sounds like an interesting idea for a story. And it must take a great deal of trust and guts to allow her lover to do anything he wanted — complete submission.


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