Book Review: ‘Craving My Best Friend’s Dad’ by Ava Sterling

Craving My Best Friends Dad

Title: Craving My Best Friends Dad

Published: 4th January 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


Graduating from college is hard enough for Faye without the constant reminder of the crush she has on her best friend’s dad. It certainly doesn’t make it any easier to be near him and his large, muscular hands.

Now Faye’s best friend wants them to study at her dad’s house. There’s only a few hours of opportunity if Faye’s going to take her chance with him. In this story, we’ll see if she dares to risk a friendship to get a taste of her fantasy.

(This steamy story of 6,300 words is intended for adult readers only)


Another book to mark off my own 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge board – A book published this year.

Faye has had a crush on her best friend’s dad Bruce for years, just the mention of him and she blushes bright red. When her friend suggests they study at his place she almost jumps at the idea, only to have her hopes crushed when she finds out he won’t be there. A cancelled business meeting and an early flight changes that though and Faye is soon in for the night of her life.

I liked the layout of this story; it wasn’t just straight into the fun stuff, it had a bigger picture to show. You got a chance to view the back-story more with Faye and her best friend Dakota. You could see quite quickly that they have been friends for a long time. To begin with Faye thinks that Dakota isn’t completely aware of her crush on her dad. After a snide comment though it becomes clear that she does remember a drunken conversation they had a few years back – much to Faye’s horror. Even though the story is short you can tell that they are close friends and love to mess with each other – which is always entertaining to read.

I liked how you weren’t introduced to Dakota’s dad straight away, and that it almost plays out that the crush, like the man, is this unattainable thing because of it. I got the slightest idea though that Bruce isn’t quite as blind to the opposite sex, and Faye’s allure, as he later suggests with how he acts when he sees her at his place. Between him flexing his muscles while holding onto the doorframe, loosening his tie while staring right at her and then talking about getting wet in a shower. The thoughts alone that come to mind almost make Faye shudder at what he could do to her if she joined him.

Curiosity wins out when Faye gets drawn closer to Bruce with the sound of the shower. She is almost powerless to pull herself away when she sees him getting lathered up. The thought of getting caught doesn’t enter her mind at first, but when it does it is quite funny how quickly she runs. When she leaves I think that on some subconscious level she left her book behind on purpose. Using it as a way to draw Bruce out and to get her back in the house without her friend being with her.

Its almost as soon as she mentions her crush on Bruce that he sees it as one hell of a green light, and just goes for it – just like Faye suggested older more mature men do. She is drawn to his strength and power and becomes completely lost in the moment along with him. You can see that Faye has unleashed a bit of a beast within Bruce, one she doesn’t want to become tame. She has enjoyed one very fun ride that has lived up to, if not gone above and beyond, her wildest dreams of what it would be like with him. One ride that she has no intention of only going on once.

Another fun short read that you feel you could quite easily drop back into later down the line just so you could see what other fun things they could get up to. Maybe she could get some of her thoughts to become the real thing – bending over a kitchen counter top would probably be top of the list!


4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.



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2 responses to “Book Review: ‘Craving My Best Friend’s Dad’ by Ava Sterling

  1. The idea of having a crush on your friend’s father is kind of taboo. But I really liked reading your thoughts on the book. It seems pretty interesting. Nice review!

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