Book Review: ‘Surge’ by Sloan Storm

Surge by Sloan Storm

Title: Surge: Bad Boy Racing Romance (Fastlane Series Book 1)

Published: 19th September 2015

Author: Sloan Storm




Dyson Vix. The bad boy of Formula One Racing. The ultimate playboy, there isn’t a hairpin turn he can’t handle or a woman he can’t have. Dyson lives life like he drives – hard, determined, and like it might be his last day.

The first time I met him he was completely naked, and he couldn’t have cared less.

The second time I saw Dyson, he just stood there, staring at me. His fire suit hung low on his waist, and his body was dripping in sweat, grease and… well, you get the idea.

We couldn’t have been more different. After a family tragedy, I’ve been left to raise my nephew, Simon, all alone. Raising him has given me more joy than I could’ve imagined, but it came at a price. He is my entire world, and everything I do is with him in mind. I haven’t had a date in months, instead focusing solely on him. Man troubles are the last thing we need, especially the kind reckless thrill seeker Dyson Vix would bring.

But fate has other ideas.

I’ve been thrust into his fast-paced world, and the more time I spend with him — the more I see of the troubled man behind the roguish charm — the more my resolve crumbles. Our chemistry is undeniable but isn’t without risk. Jealousy and threats to my home life mean I could lose everything I’ve worked so hard to protect.

The stakes have never been higher.

Will we make it, or are we destined to crash and burn?

The Fastlane Series books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings. No cliffhangers! Surge is Dyson and Ava’s story and is Book #1 in the Fastlane Series.


Love in the fast lane, full speed ahead. Get ready for a full throttle hot ride!

Talk about being a bit of (or more like a lot of) a playboy. I mean only track racer Dyson would bring two blonds with him to his physical to show off, only to then get it on with them with a threesome after its done. Seems like he needs a lot of attention and they were only too happy to oblige.

Ava gets quite an eyeful when she first meets Dyson. After opening the door to the exam room before his physical even starts she is confronted by one very sculptured butt – Adonis eat your heart out! If she thought that was the only part of him she would see that day that would make her blush she was wrong – especially when Doctor Wilcox asks Dyson to remove his pants so he can check everything. Seeing his whole package – one he is not shy about showing – is one sure way to turn Ava completely beetroot. Right from the start she can see he is going to be nothing but trouble, but trouble is looking all kinds of good when he starts chasing her down.

From the moment Dyson meets Ava he knows that she is someone he wants to get to know better, and by better he just means to get in his bed. He wastes no time with starting to flirt with her, even with his Grid Girls in the room. Something they don’t like but he is quick to remind them of the rules he has – with them its just sex, nothing more nothing less and they know it. Which is when they decide to show him just what they are good at.

Ava doesn’t think she will see Dyson again but fate seems to have other ideas. When her boss Doctor Wilcox says he can’t go on the road with the team as their physician he suggests Ava go in his place. At first she doesn’t think it will be a good idea – not just because of Dyson and their ever obvious attraction – but the thought of being away from her nephew (who she is the sole carer of) for months at a time is almost too much to bare. But trouble at home with money coming in is enough of a push to get her to go along. She just wonders how long she will be able to hold out with Dyson, as the more time she spends with him on closer inspection the more depth he starts to show.

When a blast from her past threatens to throw her whole world upside down it’s the moment where you see Dyson step up to the plate and take care of something major for her. From that moment on they are connected in a whole new way. What started out as pure electric sexual chemistry between them soon starts to turn into something more – whether either are ready for it or not. But with Dyson taking too many risks on the track, and his old Grid Girls trying to cause trouble between them, Ava starts to wonder whether this lifestyle is really for her.

Loved the chemistry between Ava and Dyson and when they finally get it on it is HOT. But then with this being by Sloan Storm I would expect nothing less. Great bit of writing and a fabulous start to a new series – one I definitely want to continue with.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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