Blog Tour and Review: ‘Free Booze Tonight’ by Chuck Freadhoff


Title: Free Booze Tonight 
Author: Chuck Freadhoff 



It was an offer he couldn’t refuse.
Joey, the bartender and very bad conman, agrees immediately when mob boss Vincent the Hammer, makes him an offer: turn Delilah, Vincent’s daughter, into a rock star, and do it fast, or spend eternity in a rolled up rug.
The task is simple – pluck a band out of thin air, pack a bar that no one ever comes into, and find a way to make Delilah, who Joey fears can’t even sing, into an overnight global success. Relying on his slick tongue, half-baked wits, a little blackmail, and a cast of characters who owe him favors, Joey follows an improbable and uproariously funny journey from near death to happiness.
Joey’s future is decided in an instant when Delilah’s gig is crashed by outlaw bikers, a posse of pissed off dwarves who want Joey dead, and a crowd of senior citizens, led by Joey’s grandmother, Ethel.
But when it’s all over, Joey’s learned the value of honesty and true love.
My Review

Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Board – A book by an author new to you. This book has to have the strangest concoction of characters I have ever come across. Bizarrely put together but seemed to work out brilliantly. An interesting quirky read that will have you chuckling to yourself all the way through with the trouble that Joey manages to get himself into.

Joey seems to find himself in a lot of trouble right from the start. I mean he has to ask a friend to help dispose of a body within the first page. Granted he didn’t kill him but mob boss Vincent the Hammer is not going to care how it happen, just that it did. After Joey tried to con him he has found himself in a bit of a bind. Vincent’s first point of call was to just get rid of him but after a night to think about it – mainly due to the fact that the guy meant to get rid of him has gone missing – he decides that Joey can pay him back another way, by making his daughter a rock star and fast. Joey of course decides to take him up on this offer – not that he had much of a choice – but soon finds himself getting into more trouble than he thought he could.

Delilah doesn’t really agree with what her father does for a living and so if he suggests she do something then she will want to do the opposite. So when Joey turns up saying he is there to make her a rock star she decides she doesn’t want to be a musician anymore. Joey being quick witted and a bit of a sweet talker soon gets her back on board though. Next job on the list is to try and put together a band for a show that Saturday night. Calling in some favours gets him a band of sorts, though more like a group of misfits. All he is thinking is that he needs to create enough of a distraction on stage so people won’t hear Delilah sing as he thinks she won’t be able to. It’s not until they have a rehearsal that he finds out that she can sing and is actually really good. The rehearsal itself though does not go well. Between the bar almost burning down, people projectile vomiting everywhere and outlaw bikers charging the place looking for a fight you would think that not much more could go wrong for Joey – you would be wrong.

Delilah has taken off to Vegas and now its Joey’s job to get her back while still trying to make her a star. Only problem is in the process of trying to find her Joey ends up getting on more peoples hit lists. From gangsters to dwarfs he really isn’t having much luck. When push comes to shove he will have to call in every favour he has to get a proper band together and Delilah back home ready to perform. The more time he spends with her the more he starts to like her and soon wants to make her a star in her own right and not just because he owes her father. He soon learns that some things are better to be truthful about and when he learns the true meaning of honesty he might just get something even better than just getting off a hit list. Having a life of his own with someone to truly care about.

Joey was such a fun and quirky character to read that once I started I just didn’t want to put this book down. The rest of the characters all seemed to work well together in this wild mix of weirdness. The scenes in Vegas were just hilarious, I mean where else would a charging elephant come to the rescue to take you away to safety? A great read that will have you laughing throughout thinking about what else could go wrong for Joey and just how he is going to get himself out of the situations he finds himself in.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Be My Book Boyfriend for my honest review.

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Author Bio

Chuck Freadhoff has spent more than forty years writing and telling stories. He started his career as a journalist and covered homicides, assassination attempts, historic events such as the return of the American hostages from Iran. Once he spent ten hours in an operating room witnessing brain surgery. Along the way, he picked up a sharp eye for detail and keen understanding of how to tell a story – write tight, stay out of your own way and don’t bury the lead. One thing he loves most about writing is the research – visiting the L.A. County Jail was almost as interesting as cruising Tijuana’s red light district at night. You can’t fake it.

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Twitter: @ChuckFreadhoff1

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