Book Review: ‘Star: A Stepbrother Romance’ by Elliott Kane with Davida Lynn


Title: Star: A Stepbrother Romance

Published: 22nd December 2015

Publisher: Your Fantasy

Authora: Elliott Kane


Davida Lynn


Twitter: @IamDavidaLynn


Jill: I know what he does for a living. I’m the only one in our family who knows what he does for a living, but I can’t tell anyone. How do you tell someone that your step-brother is a porn star?

Even before that, Cash did everything he could to make sure I saved myself for him and him alone. It became too much, and I had to move out.

Now, I have to come back to save the family…including him.

Cash: I knew exactly what I was doing to Jill all those years: I was teasing her without mercy. There was nothing more powerful than turning on your step-sister and then shutting her down when she wanted me most. Now I don’t think I can say no…

I’ve seen the look in her eye. Jill knows what I do for a living. She knows just how good I am. She knows there’s no way to stop what’s going to happen between us.

This 40,000 word novella is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after. All characters are over the age of eighteen and are consenting adults.


Wow, talk about hot! Very funny read that will have you first laughing and then fanning yourself down with what Cash and Jill get up to. Another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book under 200 pages, though you will wish it was a lot longer.

There have been a lot of stepsibling romances out there lately – the new hot thing to read – and this one is up there with some of the best. Cash and Jill were only really ‘related’ for like a minute but it’s still the forbidden taboo about being attracted to each other that is front and centre throughout this read.

For the few years that Cash’s mum and Jill’s dad were married and all living under one roof Cash made Jill life a misery. Now this wasn’t because he ever laid a hand on her (much to Jill’s annoyance) or was mean but because he was constantly bringing her to the point of uncontrollable lust and then jokingly brushing her away moments before she was willing to be taken. Talk about being the biggest tease on the planet. He knew she wanted him and went out of his way to make her want him more. He was always coming on to her saying things like ‘if only we weren’t related he would have her’ only to back off just when they might start. The last time he did this, the only moment she thought he would follow through, he passed out drunk instead. It was at this moment that she knew she had to leave home and her feelings for Cash behind her.

Though leaving and putting states between them didn’t work out too well for Jill. She would always measure men up to him and after a drunken night surfing the net she found out something that would push any other man further from her mind than she thought possible. While looking for something naughty to watch she came across something so much better – Cash being the star in a porn film. Her obsession and lust for him only intensifies now that she knows exactly what he looks like naked and just what he can do with his very impressive package. After years of watching him on screen, book marking all of them on her laptop, he has become a fantasy all over again, just this time something she can watch when ever she likes. When he calls after years of not talking she knows that it can only end badly – for her in the embarrassment factor that is. Her father is ill and Cash needs her to come home so that they can look over all the finances as her fathers third wife – triple bitch – wouldn’t even know where to start and quite frankly they wouldn’t want her near it anyway. She knows this trip will be anything but a breeze and that Cash will pick up right were he left off – especially when he takes a look at her laptop! The teasing begins again, only this time both sides are having fun.

As soon as Cash sees Jill step off the plane he knows that this is going to be a fun trip. Messing with her head by getting her all hot and bothered was always a fun game in the past for him, even though he always pushed her away before things went too far. This time though after getting her hot enough to see the lust in her eyes he’s not so sure he wants to push her away anymore.  Cash is happy working in the porn industry – it’s a job he loves doing, he’s good at it and it pays well. Nothing really bothered him about it before but when things start to heat up and get more complicated between him and Jill he soon starts to rethink what he really wants to be remembered for. He starts to realise that she might just be the person he has been looking for all along.

When it looks like there could be a very good chance her father could get worse Cash and Jill soon realise that if something happened Bianca (triple bitch) would have power of attorney over everything, including her fathers health. The thought of letting that happen is too bad to even think of, so they come up with a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen. Only problem is that the plan might end up causing more problems and heartache than either was hoping for.

The chemistry between Cash and Jill is simply scorching hot. I mean he is certainly a good instructor when they get down to business. It’s a great read that you won’t want to put down.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the publisher for my honest review

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