Book Review: ‘Bared to the Billionaire 2’ by Sylvia Pierce

Bared to the Billionaire 2

Title: Bared to the Billionaire 2 (Previously called To Tempt a Thief)

Published: 24th August 2015

Author: Sylvia Pierce


Twitter: @xosylviapierce


Some rules beg to be broken.

Arianne Holbrook is desperate for a better life, but until she can devise an escape plan, she’s forced to obey the rules. Rule number one? Never confess her secrets to a man.

Especially when that man is a sexy, dirty-talking billionaire whose demanding touch sets her body ablaze…

Desire can be deceiving, but Jared Blackwell is no fool. The alluring seductress heating up his nights is definitely keeping secrets, and Jared is determined to force a confession, one sinfully hot kiss at a time.

If only her lush, wet mouth wasn’t so damn distracting.

As their sizzling infatuation deepens, Jared’s on a collision course for heartache and financial ruin, and Ari’s playing with the kind of fire that just might get her killed. Is love worth the risk… for either of them?

** Cliffhanger alert! ** Admit it: just like Arianne, you like being teased! Bared to the Billionaire is a 4-part serialized romance series designed to leave you begging for the ultimate climax. For maximum panty-melting enjoyment, books must be read in order.


Holy smokes this series just keeps getting better! You know the saying its never as good as the first, well this one knocks that one right out of the park and that one was great too. This book definitely goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by an author you love but haven’t read. So glad I have read it now though and can’t wait to get stuck into the others.

Well this one starts right were we left off in the first instalment – Jared and Ari in bed together. The illusion has been broken and now they know each other’s names. Ari had a moment where she thought about giving a false one but for once in her life she wanted something to be real and she has never felt more alive and real than when she has been with Jared. Only small problem with knowing who Jared really is though is that he is her mark. It’s his house and his art collection that her boss told her to get Intel on to rob. Her guilty conscious is right and centre from this moment on. She doesn’t want to go through with it but knows the trouble that could come her and her sister’s way if she doesn’t.

From the moment Jared met Ari he has been enthralled by her. Once he has her within his grasp at his party he has no intention of letting her just walk out. Especially after finding her snooping around, which is something he has spotted her doing a lot lately, so he wants to know what she is really up to. It should be flagging up a big red herring with him but he just can’t make himself stay away. He knows she has been keeping a secret from him and starts trying everything to get her to spill it – not that that goes very well when he does.

If I thought the sex they had together in the first instalment was hot then I must have been blind because this is so much more intense. The chemistry between them is simply off the charts. For the first time Ari is finding out what it would really be like to have someone care just for her with no other ulterior motives. She’s never had quite so much fun before by simply spending time with Jared; either by going out on dates, spending time in his bed (basement, cars, mountain tops – they do like to mix things up and its seriously hot) or playing Brawler a new video game his firm is testing. The more time she spends with him though the harder it is becoming with her guilt over what she plans to do. She has the Intel that her boss wants and knows that they will be making there move soon. She has to figure out a way to keep everyone safe and not lose the one person she has grown to love more than she thought possible. That might not be her only problem though as the ending of this book throws a giant spanner in the works and you get another aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh moment with the cliffhander.

This series has such fun and interesting characters that it is very easy to get drawn into all the drama. I do love great cliffhanger moments that leave you shouting at your book demanding to know what happens next. I’m definitely craving the next instalment now. It will be interesting to see what Jared will do next as he is going to be holding a lot of cards but then if I know him at all he won’t be able to stay away from Ari for long. They have a pull towards each other that neither can really deny and I hope they don’t for long.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review

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