Book Review: ‘The Missing One’ by Liz Lovelock

The Missing On by Liz Lovelock

Title: The Missing One (Lost Series Book 2)

Published: 20th October 2015

Author: Liz Lovelock


Twitter: @LizLovelock



Everything in Melodi White’s life is finally perfect. She has an amazing man by her side, she’s made lifelong friends and she’s starting to live the life she and her twin sister Abby dreamed of. But things don’t stay perfect for long.

Melodi lives constantly haunted by the past of her sister Abby and her ex-boyfriend Jacob. Can Melodi and Corban move forward with their relationship when someone she never expected to see again returns, and throws them on to an emotional rollercoaster?

With so much turmoil surrounding them, will their love be strong enough to endure when disaster strikes and Melodi is put in harms way? Will she survive or will Melodi become the missing one?


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book you own but have never read.

Well this one starts off right were we left off in The Lost One. After finding out that her sister Abby is actually still alive, and in her apartment to boot, I’m not at all surprised that she fainted. Her emotions are going to be all over the place already after finding out she is pregnant – with twins no less – so you can forgive her reaction after seeing her sister again when she thought she was dead. Lets hope that she can forgive her sister for putting her and their parents through it all. But trust me she had a very good reason and when you are backed into a corner some times the crazy plans are the only ones you have left.

Even though the blurb suggests that the story is still going to revolve solely around Melodi and her relationship with Corban it is actually more focused on the back-story of Abby and how she has got to the place she is today. I did like how the story was laid out though and found it flowed nicely. While Abby is telling the story to her sister you are almost reliving the moments right alongside her with the flashbacks. With what she went through you can see why she would need to escape the clutches of her ex Jacob – who was and still is a complete control freak psycho! From how he was back then I really think that if she had waited any longer to leave then what her family thought has happened to her might have turned into reality.

With the flashbacks you get to see how Blake played a major part in her escape, he saved her in more ways than one. Not just from saving her physically from her ex but also by getting rid of the mental hold he had over her by making her believe she wasn’t worth anything. You can see very quickly that he would and has done anything and everything to help her. He loves her completely, you can see it whenever he looks at her, but with a secret she has kept from him for years she might just end up pushing him away just when she has finally got him back.

With Jacob on the loose though, ready to strike back and make others suffer for what Abby put him through, the happy reunion doesn’t last long. He knows that Melodi is Abby’s weakness now and with her being pregnant you know she would feel even more protective of her. He has been taunting them for too long to not have a crazy plan up his sleeve – which he does – so lets just hope that he ends up getting just what he really deserves.

I found that Corban’s sister’s storyline could be seen a mile away with how it would eventually play out though. You are intrigued all the same with seeing how and when it will all happen. Its not all doom and gloom though as we still have our ever-romantic Corban showing us what true love looks like. Corban and Melodi are a great couple that work well together. They came together in a whirlwind of romance with plenty of drama thrown in for good measure but would have it no other way. The same can be said for Blake and Abby really. He showed her what true love could really be and hopes to continue to show her and her daughter that for years to come.

Great two part series that will draw you in with its quick wit, sexy drama and thriller intrigue, so check it out.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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