Book Review: ‘Bad Boy Valentine’ by Sylvia Pierce

Bad Boy Valentine

Title: Bad Boy Valentine (Bad Boys on Holiday Book 2)

Published: 1st February 2016

Author: Sylvia Pierce


Twitter: @xosylviapierce


“Favorite flavor? Well it sure as hell ain’t vanilla. Bend over, Valentine.”

Kate Molina isn’t looking for love; she just needs a reliable contractor to finish her bakery remodel. Hiring the bad-boy convict who broke her heart? Definitely not part of the plan. So what if he’s the only guy who ever gave her the big O, and—ugh, fine—even hotter than she remembered? Toe-curling orgasms aside, it’s way too late to forgive and forget.

If only she could forget the hot slide of his tongue between her thighs…

Eight years ago, Jagger Barnes made the biggest damn mistake of his life, costing him his freedom and the only woman he ever loved. Now out on parole, he’s determined to work hard, stay the f*ck out of trouble, and leave the past behind. But as usual, fate has other plans… starting with his sexy-as-sin, mad-as-hell ex.

One look at Kate’s lush little ass, and Jagger’s more than ready to make up for all those lonely nights…

Love may be naughtier the second time around, but when Cupid takes aim at the reformed bad boy and his sugar-sweet baker, will the arrow finally hit the mark, or is their smoking hot reunion a recipe for disaster?

** A sexy, standalone Valentine’s Day novella with an HFN and no cliffhanger! ** Bad Boy Valentine is part of the Bad Boys on Holiday novella series. Each book is a standalone erotic romance and can be read in any order.


Starts as it means to go on – simply smoldering hot! The chemistry between Kate and Jagger is unbelievably good. Sometimes the bad boys are just too good to stay away from and just that much more exciting. Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – An erotica romance.

I do love this line: “Favorite flavor? Well it sure as hell ain’t vanilla. Bend over, Valentine.” Even more so because I know the fun that follows!

One decision can change your life forever and if you make the wrong choice it can take you down a path you never thought you’d go. That’s exactly what Jagger did – he made the wrong choice. He should have stayed that night, close within Kate’s arms but he didn’t. He promised he’d be right back but that one choice cost him his freedom for eight years, a mistake he thought he’d never get a chance to make right, but fate has other ideas.

Kate is a bit of a control freak – no strike that a complete control freak – everything has to be done her way. She has worked so hard to get to where she is today that she won’t back down to anyone. Only problem with being like this is that she has scared off another builder and is on her last chance to get her bakery ready for the Valentine’s event in a few weeks time. On her last shot her friend Georgie (from Snowed in with the Bad Boy which I loved by the way) is all but begging her to go easy on the new guy, even though he’s an hour late. When she gets a glimpse of him on her way out she tells Kate that at least this one is easy on the eyes. Kate knows she has been hard on the other builders but that’s just because they all, in some way or another, remind her of her ex. An ex that just so happens to be walking towards the entrance of her bakery.

Jagger knows he is on his last chance. After being let out of prison and securing a job as a builder he knows he needs to keep a good record and being late isn’t a good start. When he enters he only sees the back of a woman, a very appealing one at that, so goes straight into apologizing. Only to be floored when she says he should have said that eight years ago. The moment she turns around its like lightning has struck his heart. He can’t believe he is face to face with her again – his Kit-Kat.

To say the first reaction isn’t a good one would be putting it mildly. Kate may have tried to pretend he didn’t exist anymore, just like he wanted her to, but being there in front of him its hard to not be thrown back to when they were together. Her first reaction is to throw him out, well that and punch him in the face. She knows though that if he leaves now he really won’t ever come back and that’s something she can’t quite deal with. So she ends up caving and tells him he can do the work on the shop but only on her terms. Terms that she hopes will keep them apart as much as possible, though that doesn’t quite go to plan.

The sexual tension is still there right from the first time they meet again. One touch to the shoulder and Kate is almost melting. She knows she needs to stay away from temptation but gets pulled in all the same. One small spark is all it takes to set them off again. When they get together holy hell are they hot! Great opening scenes that you will be fanning yourself down while reading. Then when they get together again the connection is almost too much to bear. Hearts and souls are on the line but Kate wants answer to what really happened that night eight years ago and until she gets them they won’t have a future.

Second chances are hard to come by so when fate literally throws Kate and Jagger back in each others paths they need to decide if this is the start of something new or closure for the past they lost. If anyone should get a second chance at love its Kate and Jagger – just perfect together. Loved the small cross over of characters from Snowed in with the Bad Boy and Bared to the Billionaire. It’s great to think of them all being within the same world. Another great piece of writing by Sylvia Pierce.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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