Book Review: ‘Badass in My Bed #2’ by Rae Lynn Blaise

Badass in my bed 2

Title: Badass in My Bed #2

Published: 14th July 2015

Publisher: Bigger On The Inside

Author: Rae Lynn Blaise

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Twitter: @raelynnblaise


It’s been two weeks since Dylan St. John entered my life in a firestorm of lust and passion. Now I know his secret – he’s a beloved, badass rock star.

His band is playing in Boston tonight, and I have tickets to his show. I wonder if I’ll be able to tell when I see him if he’s been reliving our every moment the way I have. Or maybe I was just another distraction.

And if he sees me, I wonder if he’ll be able to tell that he’s not the only one with a secret.


The first one in this series will have you fanning yourself down but this one, OMG you will need a cold shower to calm down after. Rae Lynn Blaise seriously knows how to write some hot stuff. Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book from your Goodreads ‘to-read’ list – and I’m so glad I did.

With how the book starts you will be forgiven for thinking Rachel is doing something else entirely. Smutty minds will go there straight away I guarantee it. But alas it is all innocent – well not with Rachel’s thoughts but her actions are. After finding out who Dylan really is Rachel has tried to find out everything she can about him and his music from his band Fallen Angels. It’s the only way she can still feel some kind of connection to him. After two weeks she thought he would have been out of her mind by now, but no such luck, he’s in there for good.

At rehearsals for the symphony she now has a chair in while talking to a fellow cellist Rachel notices he has dropped something. After picking it up she just happens to see it’s a ticket for Dylan’s band Fallen Angels playing that very night. After having a very dynamic and energetic conversation about the band that they both seem to love he says that he actually has a spare ticket if she wanted to come along. This seems like fate and before she talks herself out of it she jumps at the chance to see Dylan again, if only from a distance.

Chance would have it that their tickets are right near the front of the stage so there is a very good chance Dylan might see her. Rachel can’t decide if she is happy about this or not. She wants to see him and even went as far as the wear the scarf that he used to tie her up with but now she is there she’s nervous about the fact he might not even remember her. When he sings a new song called Tilt though he seems to find her in the crowd. This has her holding her breath as he sings seemingly to her before glancing away to sing to others in the crowd. It doesn’t take long to figure out that he did see her as her and her new friend get asked to go back stage to meet the band. When she gets face to face with Dylan though she is in for a shock as he acts like he doesn’t even know her, no recollection, nothing. After feeling hurt, or more to the point slightly crushed that clearly he meant more to her than she did to him, she goes hunting for him for answers after the hall is clear. Only he seems to find her first by grabbing her and pulling her into his dressing room. Oh the pleasure he can give with just his fingers – wow. One demand and she is putty in his hands all over again, willing to do anything, even go back to his hotel room to which he just put the key card to down her bra.

Now Dylan was hot before but when he is angry, man alive he is on another level. Rachel isn’t sure what he is mad at to begin with but is loving everything he is doing to her all the same so isn’t going to complain anytime soon. Turns out that Dylan thinks she was playing him all along when they first met and is really hurt that she lied. He is also slightly mad that she came to his concert with another guy. Glad she has a backbone at this stage as she’s right in there telling him how it is and that no she didn’t know who is was back then. Very good answer as it turns him back to being a calmer, but no less hot, version of himself. A version she is getting used to too much. The connection again between them is unbelievably hot. After only a very short amount of time they have found that they sync in more ways than just the bedroom – dressing room, stage, taxi’s, wherever they can really so you get the idea.

Rachel knows she should stay away as they can have no real future but can’t seem to make herself do it. He has become a part of her and its killing her to think that he may only view her as a passing fancy. With how he is with her though you know he sees her as more so she shouldn’t think it, let alone feel it.

I loved the scene where they are on the stage (where she plays with the symphony) playing music together. The melody they play just builds and builds and for them it’s like musical foreplay, the notes caressing their skin. It’s what starts the fun between them before they get their hands on each other. Who would have thought being ‘conducted’ by Dylan would be so hot.

Two people with such different live crossing paths like fate has its own plan. Clearly made for each other but when a secret Rachel has kept hidden from Dylan gets revealed everything they had comes crashing down around her and she fears she has lost him for good.

OMG the look on his face at the end is heartbreaking. After such a romantic gesture you will want to slap Rachel silly for the mess she has gotten herself into. Had a feeling it might be something like this and can only hope she changes her mind and takes the path that is really meant for her – the one that includes Dylan. Great cliff hanger ending that will guarantee you will go straight onto the next one.


5 out of 5 stars

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