Book Review: ‘Badass in My Bed #3’ by Rae Lynn Blaise

Badass in my Bed 3

Title: Badass in My Bed #3

Published: 28th July 2015

Publisher: Bigger On The Inside

Author: Rae Lynn Blaise

Facebook author page:


Twitter: @raelynnblaise


Both of our secrets have exploded into the open, but I’m afraid I’ve lost Dylan forever.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this—I wasn’t supposed to develop feelings for my one-night stand. Now I have to choose between my future and my heart.

Finding the courage to be my own badass just might kill me.


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – The Third book in a series. So we finally find out what deal Rachel made to get into the symphony. Agreeing to marry the director Blaine. The look on Dylan’s face is just heartbreaking. After making a grand gesture of turning up at an event he knew she’d be bored at, leaving one of his own, you wouldn’t think anything could be so cruel.

Rachel is beyond torn. The moment she sees Dylan she is hit with the realisation that she is in love with him and then its like a train wreck happening in slow motion around her with what’s to come. She has made her bed and now she must lie in it, even if it kills her a little inside.

The thought that she has hurt Dylan makes her go after him after Blaine revealed their engagement. When they are face to face he demands answers to which she can only give part truths for. Dylan leaves in a cloud of hurt and anger and Rachel leaves with a broken soul. She knows she need to tell him the truth but doesn’t know where to start. Its not until she calls her friend Alex in broken tears that we find out she signed a contract forbidding her from speaking about the terms of it.

Love her friend Alex’s sharp tongue though when she starts laying into Blaine’s actions. He completely manipulated Rachel with getting her to agree to marry him and when you find out the other clauses you will want to punch him in the face for getting her to sign. Rachel tries to convince her friend that it’s as much her fault for signing, as it is his. At the time she would have done just about anything to get into the symphony. If for no other reason than just to make her good for nothing father happy – talk about daddy issues.

Rachel resolves to telling Dylan the truth, whether he wants to hear it or not, so goes out to his place in LA to confront him. Which she only found by stalking the net; her sleuth skills are improving. She is confronted though by a very angry Dylan, who does everything in his power to make her feel small and insignificant in his presence. Just as she is about to run out the door though he slams it shut pinning her between it and him. You can feel the sexual tension rushing off him towards her. He tried to force himself from her by leaving but they are like magnets – they will always have a pull towards each other.

Angry sex in book two was hot but holy hell this is so much hotter. He first off doesn’t care about the reason she is there; he just has to have her. After the hot angry sex though, which Rachel can’t decide if she likes more or not than their usually sexual antics, she tells him everything. He can’t believe she would think so little of herself to get roped into a situation like that. His first plan of action to help is to take her away from it all. Rachel is beyond tempted by his offer and if only he had told her he loved her then she would have. Instead it ends with them making love as part of a goodbye. Trying to memorise every last detail of each other before she goes back to the deal she made with the devil.

Which is the part where one bit of writing that stood out for me:

Nothing about this is sex. We’re making love. If our touches could talk, poetry would be filling the air. Mine and his. A thousand beautiful words live in his eyes, even if his lips are silent.

You are willing Dylan to step up and admit how he really feels and also for Rachel to figure out what she really wants. Dylan does tend to do romantic gestures with his music though. They both do in a way. They express themselves through their melodies and tell the other just what they are thinking and feeling when there lips stay quite. Rachel has a choice to make about how she wants her life to be. Regrets are something that both her and Dylan share and they have to overcome them if they want their true HEA.

The connection between Dylan and Rachel has been great throughout the whole series. A simple twist of fate changed their lives for the better. I am so glad that Rachel wanted to have a wild send off in Chicago because that ended up being the true start to the rest of her lust filled life with her badass rocker Dylan.


5 out of 5 stars

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