Book Review: ‘Bared to the Billionaire 3’ by Sylvia Pierce

Bared to the Billionaire 3

Title: Bared to the Billionaire 3

Published: 13th October 2015

Author: Sylvia Pierce


Twitter: @xosylviapierce


“You’re f*cking dangerous, Arianne. And so f*cking beautiful.”

Ari’s living on borrowed time. Her secret is out, and now her destiny lies in the hands of two men. One controls her life. The other commands her pleasure.

Neither is willing to let her go without a fight.

Jared has no intention of sharing his bed with a villain. But as easily as the lies fall from her lips, Arianne’s body is no traitor. Their red-hot nights together were the real deal, and Jared can’t get her out of his head—or his heart.

The seductive, infuriating beauty has left him with no escape.

Arianne’s treachery weaves a dangerous web, but Jared’s in too deep to walk away. Is he ready to put his life on the line to claim the woman he loves?

** Cliffhanger alert! ** Admit it: just like Arianne, you like being teased! Bared to the Billionaire is a 4-part serialized romance series designed to leave you begging for the ultimate climax. For maximum panty-melting enjoyment, books must be read in order.


Oh this book, and series mind you, is so good. Your heart is in your mouth along with Ari’s at the start. Its like she is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Jared is holding all the cards now, after finding the plans to his house in her room, and you are just left waiting to find out how he is going to play it all out. Also goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a number in the title.

After a day has nearly passed Ari finds she hasn’t been arrested – yet! She knows she has no right to go after Jared to explain but when her boss threatens her and her sister she knows he’s the only person she can turn to. Jared has been brooding with the information for a while and still doesn’t know what to do – other than to ignore all of Ari’s calls and have her banned from his office building that is. He should have known though that she wouldn’t give up so easily as she manages to trick him into seeing her. Ari can see that he wants nothing to do with her, which almost breaks something inside her, but also knows that he is her only hope. His strong standoffish facade soon fades though the moment he notices the bruises on her neck. To say he sees red and wants to hunt down the man responsible would be putting it mildly. He agrees to help her, keeping up appearances that they are still seeing each other, if she comes clean about everything – which she does to a point – but only when they are in the safety of his apartment. After she has told him everything you are holding your breath along with Ari the moment he starts his little speech – ready, aim, fire. That’s the moment he says that when this is all sorted out he never wants to see her again. Oh how my heart breaks a little along with Ari’s at that moment.

Loved the two of them together at his apartment when Ari finds out he deleted her Avatar from his game. To her its like he wanted to erase her from existence altogether, which is almost as bad as his comment the night before. He might have had a point with the fact that she lied to him from the beginning but you do feel like it was a bit harsh. So I’m glad that he does start to feel a bit bad even when he is trying not to. This then starts them connecting again on something other than the crazy that surrounds them. An activity that gets them all hot and sweaty that only leads to thoughts of other more adventurous ways they used to get hot and sweaty together.

Jared tries to keep his distance from Ari and only talk to her about how they are going to get out of the situation that are in but with the amount of chemistry and sexual tension that’s between them its not long before it all bubbles over the surface. Its like they have been starved for each other for so long that the moment that spark strikes there is no holding them back. Jared definitely turns into a bit more of a demanding lover taking charge the moment they are alone. They are like magnets; they will always be drawn together no matter what situation they find themselves in.

But with her ever unstable boss getting jumpy at every turn things soon take a turn for the worse. Clues about Ari’s fathers last job start coming to light and she and Jared realize that if they figure out what happened back then it might help them now. As long as they are on the same side then there is nothing that they can’t handle. Lets just hope that they are strong enough for what’s to come as there are lives on the line now and not just their own. Another cliff hanger I’m afraid with this one, as with the others in the series, so be prepared for another aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh moment, that will definitely fire you up to want to know what happens in the last instalment.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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