Book Review: ‘Falling for Sarah’ by Cate Beauman


Title: Falling For Sarah: Book Two In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series

Published: 10th October 2012

Author: Cate Beauman


Twitter: @catebeauman


Amazon Author Page:


Widow Sarah Johnson struggled to pick up the pieces after her life was ripped apart. After two years of grieving, she’s found contentment in her thriving business as photographer to Hollywood’s A-list and in raising her angel-faced daughter, Kylee… until bodyguard and long-time friend Ethan Cooke changes everything with a searing moonlight kiss.

Sarah’s world turns upside down as she struggles with her unexpected attraction to Ethan and the guilt of betraying her husband’s memory. But when blue roses and disturbing notes start appearing on her doorstep, she has no choice but to lean on Ethan as he fights to save her from a stalker that won’t stop until he has what he prizes most.


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – a book with a name in the title. Emotional gripping read that will have you hooked from the start.

The story starts on somewhat of heartache as the day after Sarah has given birth to her daughter Kylee she is told that her husband has been killed in action. Ethan is with her then and promises to be there for as long as she will need him – to which she replies she will always need him, so he will always be there.

We then skip forward a few years to the wedding of Morgan and Hunter. It’s here that Sarah starts to see Ethan in a new light. She sees how much she relies on him for help not just for her daughter Kylee but also for her aswell. Which is something that his date to the wedding seems to want to make something out of – nasty woman that she is. When Sarah tries backing off though it just confuses Ethan, making him want to know what’s wrong. You can see right away that he would do anything for Sarah and Kylee. He has always tried to only see her as a friend but it must be the wedding setting or sea air because somehow they end up kissing. This is just the start of the crazy back and forth they both go through with trying to decide if they should give in to what they are both feeling. Now if this wasn’t happening in the middle of a crisis that would have made it a lot simpler but no such luck. There is a serial rapist turned murderer on the loose who seems to have got Sarah in his sites as his main prize. With the unspoken feelings they both have coming to the surface they have to decide if they are all in or not before its too late.

Oh there are moments where I just wanted to shake Ethan throughout this book. Come on man make your mind up and stick to it! Having said that it did make for interesting reading as you were going through every emotion and reasoning that they are with trying to figure out what they both really want. You can see why the fear of being something real would scare them but with everything going on around Sarah at the time Ethan could have handled it better.

I always like it when you get to be inside the villains head as its gives more depth to the story. You can see how all the players are acting and are just waiting for all the pieces to fall into place for the climatic ending you know is coming. Clever how it shows the villain slowly deteriorate as his behaviour escalates from one victim to the next. His pattern is changing as the story builds till you get to the final showdown – will Ethan get there in time?

Great bit of writing exploring lots of characters within the same world but not feeling crowded or overrun with too many to keep track of. Will definitely check out the rest in this series, as it’s just to start of things to come with these special agents. Hot bodyguards to the rescue anyone? They can cover me anytime. This is the second in the series but from reading it definitely felt like it could be done as a standalone.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Book Review Tours for my honest review.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Falling For Sarah!


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