Book Review: ‘Justice for Abby’ by Cate Beauman


Title: Justice for Abby: Book Six In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series

Published: 10th October 2012

Author: Cate Beauman


Twiter: @catebeauman


Amazon Author Page:


Fashion designer Abigail Harris has been rescued, but her nightmare is far from over. Determined to put her harrowing ordeal behind her and move on, she struggles to pick up the pieces of her life while eluding the men who want her dead.

The Mid-Atlantic Sex Ring is in ruins after Abby’s interviews with the police. The organization is eager to exact their revenge before her testimony dismantles the multi-million dollar operation for good.

Abby’s safety rests in the hands of former US Marshal, Jerrod Quinn. Serious-minded and obsessed with protocol, Ethan Cooke Security’s newest agent finds himself dealing with more than he bargains for when he agrees to take on his beautiful, free-spirited client.

As the trial date nears, Abby’s case takes a dangerous turn. Abby and Jerrod soon discover themselves in a situation neither of them expect while Jerrod fights to stop the ring from silencing Abby once and for all.


Another great read by Cate Beauman. This series is definitely one to check out as it has so much going for it. Great characters and great storylines that will have you hooked right from the start. Intrigue, danger, suspense and romance all rolled into one.

Abby has had a brush with danger that she doesn’t want repeating after being kidnapped and kept in a sex ring. You don’t find out everything that happened to her straight away, only through moments of flashbacks that occur when something triggers a memory. If you have read the whole series then you might know more details but I felt that it helped bring more suspense and intrigue to the story by not knowing everything. Abby is the major key witness who can take down the sex ring as a whole and because of that there are people that want her dead. For the past six months she has been living a life hidden from the world, waiting for the trial date to get closer. The only constants in her life are her work designing clothes and her bodyguard Jerrod. She has always just seen Jerrod as her bodyguard/friend, nothing more, nothing less. But slowly she starts to see him in a new light, one where it helps that his shirt keeps coming off – yum! While at a secret fashion shoot for her coming out debut when the trial is over Jerrod has to step in last minute with her or the shoots off. You can see how her thoughts on him would start to get cloudy after beginning half naked in a bed with him looking seductively into each other’s eyes. When her cover is blown though they have to leave ASAP so Jerrod takes her somewhere no-one will know her, someplace safe. He takes her to his childhood home hoping it will be calm sailing there but this is where the fun really starts to begin for them.

Jerrod has tried to not think about Abby as anything other than his principle. Every decision he makes is for her safety and that must be his only priority. The thing is that being that close to her for so long his feelings have changed. He wants her more each and every day but doesn’t know how to be with her without risking her safety. Then there is the fact that his ex keeps hanging around causing trouble while trying to get him back. Emotions run high throughout this one as the subject matter is so much more delicate but the moment Jerrod gets his lips on Abby he knows he’s a goner. He just has to decide whether to take that leap of faith to get the one person he knows he can’t live without.

Loved how clued in Abby was with each environment she finds herself. When she felt happy and carefree you could almost relax reading, as you knew nothing bad was going to happen. There’s always the calm before the storm though and what better way to deal with the calm than in Jerrod’s arms. But the moment she started to feel restless (she was right not to trust that guy, no matter whose friend he was) you just knew danger was brewing. Everything is leading to a big climax at the end and you are just waiting to put all the pieces together to see how it will all play out.

Had slightly the same style with the guy not being able to make his mind up if he wants the girl or not (might be a running theme with the series but not sure). Though not to the extreme that Ethan does in Falling for Sarah. More like stolen kisses and confusion before just going for it. Once Jerrod has Abby though he has no intention of letting her go. Which is what she has wanted for a lot longer than she first thought – him too.

This is only the second book I have read in the series. Even though this is technically book six I feel that it could be read as a standalone. There are only a few moments where other characters are mentioned at the very beginning and end where you might feel a bit lost but they pass quickly enough.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Book Review Tours for my honest review.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Justice For Abby!



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