Book Review: ‘Dark Water’ by Jan Ruth

Dark Water Cover LARGE EBOOK

Title: Dark Water: Part Two of Wild Water

Published: 10th July 2014

Author: Jan Ruth


Twitter: @JanRuthAuthor


Part Two of Wild Water.

The tragedy and comedy that is Jack’s life; is there a future for him and Anna, or is the past too destructive? Jack Redman, estate agent to the Cheshire set and skilled juggler of complex relationships. Someone to break all the rules, or an unlikely hero?

In this sequel to Wild Water Jack and Anna return to discover that history repeats itself. Anna’s long-awaited success as a serious artist is poised to happen, but her joy, along with her relationship with Jack, is threatened by old scores. Simon Banks is a depressed and unstable man with a plan. He wants to wipe out his past by buying a brighter future, but Jack Redman stands in his way.

Will Jack ever escape the legacy of lies and deceit left by his ex-wife? Can Jack and Anna hold it all together, or will tragic repercussions from Jack’s past blow them apart forever?

Other titles by Jan Ruth: Wild Water, Midnight Sky, White Horizon, Silver Rain & two collections of short stories.

*Please note: these books are written in British English. Spellings and grammatical conventions are conversant with the UK and appropriate for the setting.


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – a book with water on the cover. So many twists and turns that will have you guessing throughout at what will happen next and why certain people are acting the way they are.

The author has the ability to take you on a journey along with the characters, a skill of a good piece of writing. Nothing feels rushed. It just flows at a believable pace where you can imagine things happening.

Poor old Jack, he does tend to make all the wrongs decisions first before seeing the light. Not sure what he was thinking when he started to trust his ex Pasty again, and then to move her and the kids to the same village as Anna’s home made my mind boggle. Jack always wants to do what’s best for everyone but doesn’t always do what’s right. The story starts three years after his daughters wedding where he found out he wasn’t really her biological father. If he had just sat her down along with Pasty then they might have saved themselves an awful lot of trouble. Trouble which comes in the form of Simon Banks, the real biological father, who has got it into his head that he wants his daughter back and will stop at nothing to get to her – a very interesting but unstable character. There’s also the fact that Jack still hasn’t had a DNA test done to see if Pasty’s son, now three, is his. Denial pays a major part for Jack for the first half of this book.

Anna has had enough of everything that keeps happening with Jack and his baggage. She loves him completely but seems to have lost herself along the way the past few years, just like she did with her ex. A new opportunity appears and she finally starts to feel like she is doing something professional with her paintings. But then when Jack goes and moves Pasty to her village she just feels hemmed in. Everywhere she goes she fears of bumping into her. Its like she is constantly on guard, and along with the threat of Simon Banks, feels like the only way out is to move out. Her friend Hilly is also acting strange. Takes a while to understand why she is suddenly so off with her but once you do everything else slowly falls into place.

Drastic actions are needed from all sides and it seems like its all leading to a major climax – which it is. What a ride you are taken on throughout. I feel for Anna as she is always in the middle, having to settle and she shouldn’t have to. Cleverly interlinked sections that come together to create a great story. Lets hope Jack and Anna can get their HEA without too much more trouble brewing in the Welsh hills from now on.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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