Book Review: ‘The Playboy’s Convenient Bride’ by Kristin Frasier and Haylee Delane

The Playboys Convenient Bride

Title: The Playboy’s Convenient Bride

Published: 25th February 2016

Author: Kristin Frasier and Haylee Delane




The worst thing they could do was fall in love.

An urgent engagement …

Billionaire playboy Garrett Sutherland needs a fake fiancée fast. If he doesn’t pretend to mend his womanizing ways, his grandfather will block him from running the family corporation.

Garrett’s college tutor, Astrid Cooper, is the perfect choice. Astrid’s smart, ladylike, and honest, but her crappy car just broke down and her mom’s house is facing foreclosure.

A reluctant pairing …

When Garrett’s grandfather announces their wedding, the faux couple are compelled to go through with it. The heat between them could melt an iceberg, but both of them fight the attraction — Garrett doesn’t want to be tied down, and Astrid doesn’t want a husband who can’t be faithful.

A minefield of emotion

Once they’re on their honeymoon, they can’t hold out anymore … but when tender feelings mix with the mind-blowing sex, they’re in the danger zone. Can Garrett truly change? And when his playboy ways come back to haunt him, can Astrid forgive him?


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – a book set in a different country. Playboy Garrett turns over new leaf when he realises what has, or more importantly who has, been in front of him all along, Astrid.

So Garrett is your everyday playboy who has been aloud to get away with anything and everything for a while now. That’s all about to change though when his grandfather sees a picture of him at a party not looking his best – drunk, shirtless, girls partially dressed in the back ground and people taking drugs. After his parents died his future got pushed up a bit. Where he thought he wouldn’t take over the family business as CEO until his late 40s, now it’s right out of college at 21. Well it would have been a slam-dunk until his grandfather threatens to pass him over completely. He needs to see someone who is mature enough to take control and right now that’s not him. Being put on the spot he says that if his fiancé can deal with his parties then he should be too, those girls weren’t with him and he split a drink on his shirt. The lies are rolling off his tongue and when his grandfather asks for a name the only one that comes to mind is Astrid, the girl whose been helping tutor him for the past 6 years. When his grandfather says he wants to meet her he knows he might be in trouble. He just has to find a way to convince her to pretend to be his fiancé for a little while, compensating her for doing it. Its funny when he goes to get her a ring, from Tiffany’s no less, as he goes for something that would suit her completely and when he thinks about her wearing his ring it shocks him when he finds he really likes the idea.

When we first meet Astrid she’s not having a good day. First her mother tells her that she cant afford the mortgage anymore so might have to move if they cant get some money fast and then her car breaks down on the way home. She needs a miracle and she’s gets her wish in the shape of her friend/tutor buddy/guy that’s hotter than hell and makes her weak at the knees. When Garret asks if she will be his pretend fiancé and meet his grandfather for dinner in exchange for fixing her car and letting her keep the engagement ring (which will be enough to save her mums house) she reluctantly agrees. I mean its only one dinner, right? Wrong as now his grandfather has met her he wants her to attend all the dinner events he has lined up. His grandfather can see Garrett has changed when he is around Astrid and says that he will gladly give his grandson the position after he has married Astrid – which they just happened to say would be at the end of college.

Now Astrid is in a bind, as she has to decide if she wants to go all in and marry him. He says they can divorce after a year but that’s a lot longer than just the original dinner. She soon finds herself walking down the aisle for her fake wedding but the thing is it feels anything but fake, especially when Garrett kisses her, which he does a lot. How is she meant to cope on her honeymoon when all she wants to do is jump her husband? She doesn’t know how he feels though which is frustrating. So she goes on the offensive making a bold first move, and oh boy does she get one hell of a reaction. Wowzer they are beyond hot together. But is this just a honeymoon tumble or can this really work. They both need to express their feelings more if they want to see what has been there all along.

Nicely paced storyline with some great fun characters. You can see how great they are together as a couple right away and you are just waiting for the characters to catch up.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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