Book Review: ‘Secret Father’ by Suz deMello

Secret Father

Title: Secret Father: A Sweet Romance

Published: 15th February 2016

Publisher: Dunster Way Publishing

Author: Suz deMello


Twitter: @suzdemello


Secret Father: A Sweet Romance by renowned storyteller Suz deMello.

When Linda Travers was fourteen, Dave Madsen, then age seventeen, rescued her from a snowy death. They later met at an end-of-term party at their college and lost their virginities to each other before Dave left the country.

And now…Despite spending her teenage years mooning over Dave, Linda Travers has moved on with her life. Being left pregnant and alone will force that on a gal. Age twenty-five, she lives in their hometown with their six-year-old, Mac. Then Dr. Dave Madsen reappears. He’s spent the last years exploring in the Amazon, searching for new plants and medications. A vicious snakebite has left him needing rehab from the only physical therapist around—Linda.

Their college lovemaking was the first time for both, so Linda and Dave remember each other. She’s amazed to feel the same old anger, hurt, and need. Less emotional, Dave’s curious about Linda, wondering why she didn’t leave her address and phone number for him when what they’d shared had been so good. Neither totally believes the explanations the other offers.

Since the rescue, Dave was always Linda’s hero, but she doesn’t know him anymore. Is he worthy of fathering their son? And what of their love? Can they create a future…together as a family?


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book your mum loves.

A secret crush for the boy that saved her life starts to turn into something more. When Dave saved Linda from a snowstorm she put him high on a pedestal. He was her hero but one that seemed to forget her after that night. It’s not till years later at an end of year college party that they meet again by chance. The sparks fly and they end up being each other’s firsts. Miscommunication leads to neither getting contact details for the other. They both felt a strong connection but left it there when they thought the other didn’t care. Only problem, which turned into a blessing, is that Linda finds she got pregnant. Seven years on and they come face to face again only this time there is a whole lot more at stake – their son Mac.

Dave has been off exploring the Amazon for many years now but is home bound for the foreseeable future after being bitten by a poisonous snake. After having muscle damage he needs help from a physical therapist so decides to go back to the only place that felt like home to him, which just happens to have a specialist that works there. He just never expected the specialist to be Linda. He is floored by his reaction to her after all this time. But if he thought seeing her again was a shock he has much more to come.

All Linda was aware with that morning was that she had a new patient. She never thought to check his name and wishes she had when she takes a look and is face to face with her sons’ father. After all this time she never thought to see him again. Especially after back then when he mentioned how much travelling he planned to do with his career. She knows she needs to tell him about Mac but can’t help being scared. She has been the sole parent for so long that she doesn’t know how to share. She also doesn’t know how she is going to deal with small town gossip. Just one look at her son and Dave together and anyone and everyone will see they are father and son.

After getting off to a rocky start they seem to be making ground when the gossip mongers start the rumour mill. Dave has a solution but one she’s not sure she can handle – marriage. She fears for her state of mind, being tied to a man that she doesn’t really know. No matter how much she wants him she holds back. Dave knows she isn’t ready to be physical so tells her he won’t make a move until she asks or more importantly begs. He keeps going on about biology and how they are meant to be because of this but he stills doesn’t say what she longs to hear, three magic words ‘I love you’. With pressures of letting go of some of the responsibilities of being a single parent now there are two involved getting harder by the day how long before one or both snap. Finding a balance they all can live with is needed and it’s something that they will have to work on to keep their family together.

Sweet story, nicely paced but at times I did think Linda went too far with what she says or thinks. It was hard for her to think of their son being ‘theirs’ and not just ‘hers’. But when she does she finds what she and her son have been looking for all along, a stronger true family unit with the man she has always loved.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Words Turn Me On for my honest review.

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