Book Review: ‘When Lightning Strikes’ by Kathleen Rovner

When Lightning Strikes new

Title: When Lightning Strikes (Lightning Series Book 1)

Published: 7th May 2015

Publisher: Willabby Press

Author: Kathleen Rovner



Twitter: @kathleenrovner



The island hides a mysterious secret…

Julie Marin has it all: supportive parents, incredible talent, and the almost-realized dream of becoming a professional dancer. When she’s attacked leaving practice one night, her seeming perfection comes crashing down.

Without notice, her parents pack up the house and move Julie and her brother to a remote island. As she realizes her dreams may not come true after all, Julie starts to expect that everyone around her is hiding a secret. Meanwhile, she finds herself drawn to the disturbingly alluring Lucas and the arrogant but handsome Rory.

With her thoughts clouded by love and a strange island phenomenon, Julie learns that if she’s going to have any chance at the life she wants, she’ll need to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

When Lightning Strikes is the first book in a series of suspenseful young adult fantasy novels with a touch of romance. If you like captivating stories, strong female characters, and mysterious paranormal twists, then you’ll love Kathleen Rover’s first book in a compelling series.


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A Paranormal book. You only find out at the end though so won’t tell you what they are. This one was a bit of a slow starter for me but once it gets going turns into a great read. Beware though it’s a cliff hanger alert for this one!

Julie has some seriously bad luck. In the space of a few weeks she is attacked twice. The first time on the way home from late night dance practice where a freak lightning bolt seems to save her. Then second when at her prom men try to kidnap her. This time though it’s her temporary teacher Luke that saves her. The connection is there right from the start; seemingly coming from nowhere when they touch, but he wants her to be safe so takes her memories of their encounter. She may have no conscious memory of him but a blue-eyed boy soon starts making appearances in her dreams.

After so much happening you can see why her family would want to up sticks and move away but the way it is done makes her flip out. They want to pack up and leave the next day. She has no time to say goodbye to her friends and ultimately thinks her dreams of being a dancer at the academy are over. Her father seems to have a way of calming her down though, her memories are becoming fuzzy and you start to think that everything is not as it seems.

Case in point when they get to the island. Everything seems a little too perfect and whenever she starts to think about asking too many questions she keeps getting distracted. She soon makes a new friend but even she is a bit spaced out. They will be going to a different school to her twin brother Jamie who lately she feels she doesn’t even know. The school is strange and the town is stranger. Everyone seems to look down on her and her mum and she doesn’t know why – yet!

It’s on her birthday that things start to change. One letter helps her unlock what’s been in front of her all along. The academy wants her to audition and being so excited she writes in her new diary about being accepted. Her father has other ideas though and soon the memory of the letter is gone from her mind but the diary remains. This part bugged me a bit as you finally thought she would figure it all out now, but no, she goes and knocks the diary off her bed in her sleep so its not till weeks later that she fines her message but can’t understand how it got there. This is the moment when she starts to question everything and figure out what triggers a memory loss. She can’t believe her whole family has been lying to her but is determined to figure out why, starting with going to places only kids from the other school go.

This brings her closer to Rory, who ends up being something else entirely. The connection is there from the moment they touch, well more like grab as Julie saves him from drowning – not that she gets a thank you! She is drawn to him as much as he is to her but doesn’t know why and it frightens her a bit that she can’t control it. He can’t tell her what’s going on with the island either but at least he admits to a point that something is off. She may now want to be with Rory but still finds herself dreaming of her blue-eyed boy. With forces beyond their control though nothing ever goes smoothly but in the process events happen that help wake something up in her that has stayed hidden for too long.

Now I find it hard to believe that her parents and brother didn’t know she was like them. I mean what are the odds that a bolt of lightning would strike down the man attacking her but leave her unharmed. Though in their defence if she had told them of her feeling that lightning had been following her they might have. The story now leads right into a love triangle with the return of Luke at the end. So Julie will have to struggle with what’s to come; two guys fighting for her attention, ability she doesn’t know how to control yet and men being after her. Though if she could give it all up and just become a dancer at the academy I think she would be set. An interesting read that will definitely have you wondering how it will all play out for her in the end.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Words Turn Me On for my honest review.


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