Book Review: ‘Seducing My Therapist’ by Ava Sterling

Seducing My Therapist

Title: Seducing My Therapist

Published: 24th April 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


Veronica’s problem is that she can’t stop touching herself.

Ever since her mother found her stash of toys, she’s made to go to a therapist to cure her “ailment.” The sessions take a different turn when Veronica discovers that her therapist, Dr. Patterson, is quite attractive.

It would be the ultimate middle finger to her mother to seduce the very therapist she set up for her. Veronica can try, but the question is, will it work?

(This explicit story is intended for adult readers only)


Loved the playful banter that came so easily between the two characters. The flow of how they act together slowly changes throughout the story, building into something more, as their actions soon follow suit.

Dr Patterson’s tone of voice and how he addresses Veronica changes throughout the story and this is a good indicator to how he is feeling and how he is going to act. You get an impression that Veronica is in control with how she is acting but an underlying idea is that he has been in control all along – something I like, playing off each other. He starts with calling her Veronica, Miss Stevens when feeling playful and then finally V when he is feeling closer to her.

Veronica has been sent to a therapist because her mother thinks she has been sleeping around with anything male that moves. Love when she mentions that this is because her mother found her box of toys – from what she has in there you could see why her mother would jump to that conclusion. I think that the reason Veronica likes to masturbate so much is the idea of being in control of everything, especially her own pleasure. Why put that in the hands of someone else when hers are that much better? This is one of the things she talks about in her sessions with the good Doctor. From her first meeting she wanted to get a reaction out of him so was annoyed when it didn’t occur. She should have been paying closer attention because I’m sure it was there.

Veronica is a very bold person and so when thinking this is her last session she wants to go all in. Seduction to the max is her plan of action with how she dresses and how she acts. She has only one thing on her mind and that is how she can get the good Doctor to throw caution to the wind and take her. She is making all the right moves and gets her reward. Man alive are they hot together. He has been paying very close attention in their past sessions to what turns her on. Something she very much appreciates and hopes to repeat over and over again.

Would love to see what they get up to in the following sessions that they have. Who will take control first to give the other just what they have needed.


5 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.


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