Book Review: ‘The Cougar and the Boy Next Door’ by Ava Sterling

The Cougar and the Boy Next Door

Title: The Cougar and the Boy Next Door

Published: 22nd May 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


Newly single and thirty-six years old, Joanna is starting over romantically. She kicked her husband, and all his possessions, to the curb.

Deciding to remake her life, Joanna goes for the full makeover: clothes, hairstyle, and social reputation. The one thing she didn’t plan for was meeting the college-aged boy next door.

Her neighbor didn’t mention his younger brother returning from Europe, but Joanna gets to know him in ways she wouldn’t have dared before.

(This explicit story is intended for adult readers only)


Joanna and Max were interesting characters that seemed to have a natural flow between them despite the age gap. I liked that the thoughts came from both of them so you got a more rounded idea of what they were both thinking. Mostly of what the other one might feel like!

Joanna comes across as a very fiery character that knows how to handle herself. When confronted with proof of her husbands’ affair she wasted no time in getting rid of him. Somewhere along the way of their marriage she lost her way a bit of who she really is so this is her time to get back what she lost. If in the process she happens to max out a few credit cards her ex forgot to cancel then so be it. Also love her idea about selling the ex-husbands 1969 convertible. Would love to see his face if it gets sold without him knowing but then with the fun she ends up having in it later on she may consider changing her mind. Its after her fun shopping spree that she comes back to see a party is happening across the street. Love how confident she is when she first goes over only to almost want to run back home when she finds that it’s not her neighbours party but rather her neighbours’ younger brothers. A very good looking younger brother, one that she can’t seem to take her eyes off, the feeling being very mutual.

Max’s thoughts are like the cat that got the cream. From the moment he sees her he thinks that she is nothing short of a goddess and is trying to think of any reason to see her again. So saying he thinks she may have scratched her car earlier and that he would be more than happy to come and have a look at it seems like the best choice. I liked that his inner thoughts were trying to slow down his bodies’ reactions when really he all but wanted to beg her to stay at his party, no matter that it was full of people his own age. Age is but a number and when he finds out that she is a very newly back on the market he can’t help but make a comment that the guy didn’t know what he lost. Something he then hopes he may have a chance to gain.

When they meet the next day to take a look at the scratch you can feel the under lying tension starting to come off them from the moment she lets him inside. Innuendos are front and centre when Joanna asks him what he wants to eat. It goes to another level though when he is checking out the car. The moment he wants to get in the back seat behind her you can get a very clear idea of where he might be going with this. He knows he will always regret it if he doesn’t go for it, so soon turns his neck massage into something a whole lot hotter. Its like he has known her body a lifetime with how at ease he seems with touching her but his inner thoughts give him away a little. Soon they both seem to let go and let their bodies do the talking instead. They certainly work up an appetite while waiting for that pie to get there and you can imagine that round two (and then some) will shortly follow as soon as it’s eaten.


4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.

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