Book Review: ‘The Invisible Girls Peep Show’ by Ava Sterling

The Invisible Girls Peep Show

Title: The Invisible Girls Peep Show

Published: 10th March 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


In this sequel to The Invisible Girl’s First Time, Jenny is off to her first year of higher education.

On her first day on campus, she is brought face-to-face with college experimentation when she’s trapped in the same room with her lesbian roommate and her girlfriend as they turn up the heat. The only way Jenny can avoid being caught snooping through her roommate’s bedroom is by turning invisible, and becoming aroused is the only way to do that.


Well we are back with Jenny; our girl who turns invisible whenever she gets aroused. If you’ve read the first then you know the kinds of things that she can get up to when she thinks no one is around; or when they just can’t see her. Again told just from Jenny’s POV, so it was fun to be in her head again. Listening in on her thoughts on how she views things, and then how those views change.

After losing her virginity in an unusual way you could see that things would never be easy with how Jenny gets her kicks. Starting college would be a new adventure, somewhere to spread her wings and have a lot of fun. She just doesn’t expect it to go quite as it has.

The first guy she meets gets a reaction straight off the bat with her hand becoming invisible, but that doesn’t come close to what she goes through later that night. While exploring her new roommates room looking for hand lotion she comes across a draw of toys. Being an inquisitive person she immediately starts to try one of them out on herself. While things are just getting started her end, her hands becoming invisible, she gets a rabbit in headlights moment when she hears her roommate come back. Then almost goes into panic mode when she realizes that her roommate is not alone and intends to come into her room to have some fun with her female friend. Jenny’s only way out is to continue with what she was doing, while getting rid of her clothes, so that she can stay invisible throughout. To begin with this seems like a chore and she has to bring up images of Calvin, the guy from the hall, to stay invisible. When things really start to heat up though, giving her a clear view of everything on display, it no longer becomes a chore and soon becomes all about her own pleasure at watching them.

From this one moment you can see that Jenny’s college experience is going to be a bit more experimental than she had originally thought. Even though she may be resistant at first I think her inhibitions will soon melt away, letting her body take over what it finds arousing. Which by the base of her first night there might be more adventurous than she first thought. It’s always fun coming back to a character down the line to see where there are now and this is no exception. Another fun paced short read.


4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.


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