Book Review: ‘An Alphas Kiss: Untamed’ by Evelyn Glass

Untamed An Alphas Kiss

Title: An Alphas Kiss (Untamed Book1)

Published: 21st September 2015

Author: Evelyn Glass

Twitter: @evelynglass9


He invades my dreams every night… and fills me with pleasure that makes me wish I might never wake up.

His musky odor enhances the smell of the wind and the aroma of the pines. His clear green eyes are attuned to things I could not perceive, watching my every motion and devouring me with hunger to let me know that I am protected, always. Yet every night, I would jolt awake and realize that I am in my bedroom, alone.

I know what those dreams are supposed to mean. I know who this wolf is, this wolf of my dreams who runs with me. The wolf whose human form has always been an irresistible shadow. The wolf whose touch sets my nerves on fire more often than not in those fitful dreams.

He’s my Mate. Destined to be mine forever if the stories from our parents are anything to be believed.

Unfortunately for me, if I were to ever step out of line, he would also be my executioner.

This is a full standalone book with a guaranteed HEA ending, no cheating, and NO CLIFFHANGERS!


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with non-human characters. I do love wolf shifter romances so went for a kindle freebie. Found it a fun short read to get into on a sunny afternoon in the garden. Good news is that it doesn’t really finish on a cliff hanger but more like a chapter break to what might happen next.

Charmaine has done everything her father has asked of her. Works every hour she can for the family business with the hopes of being included more with pack business. Her father has other ideas though. He longs to keep her in a protective bubble for as long as possible but doesn’t realise that she is at her breaking point. After being told no she can’t go to the latest Council Summit she has had enough of playing by the rules. She decides to take up her best friends offer of going to another packs territory for a party. This is only on strict instructions that Scottie doesn’t get out of hand though – no such luck! Dressed to turn heads to have a good time she ends up having to help him fight their way out before it gets too out of hand before heading over to the hospital. Scottie plus booze equals a fight it seems with what might come out of his mouth. A hospital would be the last place she would think would be the turning point for her life but things are about to change for her and fast.

Charmaine’s views on mates are that the whole idea of them are utter crap and that it’s nothing more than an archaic and ridiculous way to make sure they mate young and knock out a couple of kids to help increase the pack. Scottie tries to convince her that when she feels it she will know, like being hit by lightning with the shock of it. It appears he was right as the moment she gets up close to Parker her theories go right out the window. She should have been paying more attention to her dreams of being with her mate, ones he seems to have shared, as they were preparing her for what’s to come next.

Parker is the rising alpha of his pack after his father. He can see him getting weaker as the days go on and wants nothing more than to help handle the load – not that his father is ready just yet, stubborn man. One of his jobs though would be to handle any kind of disruption within the pack, fights with outsiders being one of them. This latest fight could have been a lot worse and at first he wants to thank the person responsible for stopping it get out of hand without too much harm done. This just gets Charmaine’s back up as she doesn’t see it that way with the fact Scottie is in the hospital. This only ends up making him act like a jerk with the way he then speaks to her, not that he knows exactly who she is just yet. One touch is all it takes though for both their inner beasts to wake up and tell their human selves that they are each other’s mates. Their bodies always seem to be quicker than their minds with shifters. After wanting to first run away from it they are drawn right back together. One kiss and it’s sealed, no matter what happens next they are connected for life. If it wasn’t for the little matter of being in enemy packs then all would be golden, oh and best friends throwing a spanner into the mix too. What could possibly go wrong?

The connection and sexual chemistry between them is high, nothing can dampen their buzz and I think meeting in secret is probably a bit more of turn on for both of them. She turns into a bit if a wildcat in the bedroom, or maybe that should be wilddog? Parker is full on alpha male where Charmaine is concerned; though that’s what you would expect from a shifter story, especially wolf shifter. The story is kind of just leading you into the next instalment but does a good job of setting the scene for what might happen next. Betrayal, loyalty, love, passion and trust will play a part in what’s to come. Their beasts’ want who they want, and they will not be denied not matter what.


3 out of 5 stars


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